Best International Astrologer and Tantrik in India Dr.Samrat Shastri

Dr.SamratShastriis famous asInternational astrologer in India, and best tantrik in India who Served the Nation Including Mumbai, Bangalore , Delhi, Kolkata Throughout the Previous 35 Years Full Time With His extraordinary astrological Knowledge.

Qualifications of Dr.SamratShastri (M.Phil, Ph.D):

  • Diploma (jyotishbharati) in Astrology, Astronomy, Palmistry in the year of 2013 and stood 3rd position among the batch.
  • In 2014 got degree (jyotishsastri) in YogjyotishMundane astrology, Astronomy, Medicale astrology, Palmistry Stood 2nd position on the batch.
  • In 2015 got M.A (jyotishAcharya) in Horary Astrology VastuSastra.
  • Higher Palmistry Sonatanjyotish Face reading Numerology Higher medical Astrology Did research on palmistry Stood 3rd position on the batch In 2016.
  • M.Phil in Bastu Palmistry Astrology Numerology Medical astrology Gemology Did research on bastusastra Stood 1st position on the batch
  • In 2017 got Ph.D in NaksatrajyotishDid research on naksatra Stood 1st position on the batch.
  • Received the best Astrologer of the year Fromorissa In 2018.

Designation of Dr.SamratShastri

Trustee and Settler: Bengal Charitable Trust

Assistant Secretary: Astrology and Astrologer Welfare Association

He offers wide scope of astrology related administrations according to customer needs. Samrat Bose believes in Results .Astrologer Dr.Samrat Bose (Shastri) is best astrologer in India and Kolkata having a wide range of knowledge in :Vastu, Numerology, Palmistry, Color Therapy, Tantra, Psychic study, Gem Stone etc.He is a Palmistry Expert.

That’s why he is having a wide range of successful clients and followers all around the world. Astrologer Samrat Bose gives all types of Consultations like Telephonic, Online Video, Face to Face as per client needs and requirements.

Online clients are from different part of the world like New York, Washington, Sidney, Boston, Ireland, Dubai, Sharjah, Bangladesh, Singapore.

Astrologer Samrat Bose is one of the greatest astrologer in Kolkata who is practicing more than 35 years in Tantra. With the help of Tantric power he can solve the following problems within a month that is Family dispute among the family member, Arising problem due to the financial condition, career astrology solution, business astrology solution, divorce problem solution, extra material affair, Love affairs advisor, Health Problem solution, Remove vastu Dosh, Remove Negetive Energy.

Samrat Bose is an International Astrologer who regularly consults by Video call or phone for the people from USA UK Australia New Zealand Bangladesh and the other corner of the world.

Consultation is also available by phone. First Phone consultation from astrologer may be offeredas  free. If you suffering from any  life threating problem then you can consult astrologer Samrat Bose (Shastri).

Keeping Mind that SamratShastri consistently invites you in his chamber visit for Geniune Solution.

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Get more about Him:

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Horoscope Analysis for Research Purpose Dr.SamratShastri – Best Tantrik Astrologer in India

Scientific Research & Analysis of Horoscope by best tantrik astrologer in India SamratShastri an Exhaustive Study Based on Traditional and KP Hindu Predictive Astrology.It is a study of forecasting terrestrial events based upon celestial bodies planets, stars and their position related to your birth chart.

He made astrological research onMother Teresa, Nelson Mandela, Rabindranath Tagore, Narendra Modi, Sri Ramakrishna, Bill Klinton, SouravGanguly etc.

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