Story of Jyoti Jaiswal

Jyoti Jaiswal, A 3rd generation from both sides of family (maternal and fraternal). My parents couldn’t get much educated, but they knew the importance of education, so I was the first child, especially girl child to complete 10th, to move to college, to complete my graduation and step in to corporate world. I never knew, from where this feeling emerged, but always I wanted to be a self-made and financial independent person.

A graduate with BA in economics, never knew where to step in, but when you are un decided, universe have decided for you. Started my career as a front office executive, but was not happy with that, that was a time when recruitment was booming, with without experience, lot of rejections, has happened, a lot of time I was too demotivated.  But always took it as challenge and moved ahead. Finally got a destination with my dream getting into recruitment field with my first job in 2007, and after that till date there is no looking back. I am a person, who never lets fear settle down in her life.

I am always lean towards learning new technology in life, as I feel technology is the back bone and life line of our economy. Also, I am always a supportive towards women empowerment and gender equality. AS I feel if a organization or a nation have a gender equality and women empowerment both hands in hands, there is no looking back for them in terms of prosperity and growth.

Working in recruitment industry / consulting firm I feel is boon. When a job is provided to a person, it not only to him / her, we provide security to complete family, in terms of financial, educational, medical and other forms. Also, when a person starts working a self confidence a build, which his boost his journey for his / her future. Indirectly we too contribute in GDP growth of the country, i.e., in form of tax.

My biggest supporter are my parents, my greatest strength is my daughter Ayra Jaiswal  , as at this tender age she is  highly independent, bcos of which I am able to focus on my professional life. Last but not the least on professional front, MD of Bayleaf Jay SIR and CEO Deepak SIR have always been motivating and supportive.

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  1. Jyoti has always been the one who is a go getter, she has this never say no attitude and nothing is impossible for her, Bayleaf and I personally feels proud that Jyoti is part of the organisation.
    All the best.

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