Actress Kristna Saikia is making Global waves – 

How do you feel about the Documentary Film ‘Single Women in America’ which will be in the 2023 Marina Del Ray Film Festival in Los Angeles as you are part of it?

Kristna: “I feel amazed and a bit surprised too. When I got this offer from the director to be part of his documentary film,’ Single Women in America’, I took it casually, had fun, and relaxed during the shooting of the film. But I never thought it would be part of many Film festival

 competitions officially and will be screened. Yes, it will be in the 2023 Marina Del Ray Film Festival in Los Angeles from 8th -14 June 2023, ‘Single Women in America’ will be screening on 11th June.”

“I feel great as the documentary film  Single Women in America is getting so much recognition it was part of the 2022 Silver State Film Festival In Las Vegas where our director Joseph F.Alexandre won the Best Director and the film was in the 2023 Culver City film festival Los Angeles. The film was officially screened in these two festivals in the past.”

What is the main content of the film if you can tell us in brief?

Kristna: “The main content of this documentary film is based on the rise of women and the change of the nuclear family – and this film is expanding to a feature film The Film was directed by Joseph F. Alexandre who has many Hollywood films to his credit as a Producer, Writer, Director, and Actor whose films have been part of many international film festivals. I represent a very liberated, fashionable, and self-content woman in the film who is a go-getter and independent thinker.”

How is your journey from working in the Indian Film and TV industry to Hollywood experience as you are doing a lot of International projects from around the Global now?

Kristna:  “I designed my life that way. I love performing art and traveling. It has been a journey to seek something beyond and explore which I don’t yet. I started my acting career in Assam, Northeast from where I belong and I was working in Delhi, Mumbai, and now in many international platforms. My work has been seen and I am always open to networking, international lobbying, and traveling. That made it easier and I am a powerful manifester. Projects have come to me effortless and I am working on it.  I have clarity in my vision.”

“The journey has been good till now and I enjoy traveling. I wanted to work in different roles and stories, which made me explore more. I have seen many Film makers want to work with me from Hollywood and scripts are pouring in and also from other parts of the Globe like the UK, Australia, and Europe besides America. Not only films but also Music video projects as I am a Latin bachata dancer. Being a Latin bachata dancer, its became part of my lifestyle and culture now. We have an international Latin bachata dance community around the globe. Going to Latin socials helps to network. I am enjoying the process.”

Kristna Saikia is seen in painting portraits, painted in her artistic nude by renowned Indian Painter Govind Kanhai and the prestigious Kanhai family from Vrindaban. Govind Kanhai has received the highest civilian award for his contribution to artwork m the Uttar Pradesh  Legislative Assembly – the Yash Bharti Award (2015), the UP Ratna Award( 2006), and the Achiever of the Millennium Award.

Kristna had a very comfortable experience while working with the Painter Govind in the studio and his brother who is also a painter, Govind is the son of Kanhai Chitrakar who was awarded Padma Shri for his contribution to Art by the President of India in 2009 which is also the fourth highest civilian award in the Republic of India. His elder brother Krishna Kanhai was also awarded Padma Shri in 2004. 

How was your experience working with painter Govind Kanhai? 

Kristna: “It was a lovely experience to work with Govind Kanhai, his brother, and his team. The set was created so beautifully and the memory of the studio where we were working is still clear in my mind.  The concept is on Fine Art Nude Painting and the idea was so beautiful with every look, I felt like I am an earthly Goddess in poetry which is a fantasy realm. Now when I see myself in his painting, I think I am in the painting, alive forever and made immortal. Those portraits have a soul which I feel is me expressing my feminine sensuality and grace through his paintings. I feel glad and honored they choose me for modeling for their painting and I could play the role well that they narrated and wanted from me. I know I am a good subject of art as my mind is liberated and my spirit is free flowing. My mind is free from any inhibition and I feel oneness with the cosmos and nature. Kanhai and his brother have painted portraits of the first prime Minister Jawahar  Lal Nehru, Former Atal Bihari Vajpayee, and former Deputy Prime Minister of India Lal Krishna Advani.”

“By the way, I am a painter myself and so I understand Art very well and also a Fine art nude artist for photographers and screen whenever any script requires for art house films or commercial film films

Govind displayed his painting at Nehru Centre. The Kanhai Family has undertaken many commissions for the Parliament of India and the Uttar Pradesh Legislative Assembly.”

Tell us about the books and oracle cards you wrote and designed. 

Kristna: “Yes! My first book name is I AM A BILLION DOLLAR STAR – Feel Wealthy. It’s based on living life in abundance vibration and the techniques given in the book are simple and practical. The name of my 34 oracle Divination cards which I designed is named ‘Prophecies of Goddesses’ and is based on feminine energy and gives clarity on one’s life. One can know his or her shadow self, and the card can give clarity on the past, present, and future probable events. The Divination cards also help as a guiding light to manifest our new reality.”

“I played 34 various goddesses as a model which includes photography, paintings, and digital fine art with an international team to assist. The cards come  with a small booklet with additional messages.”

One of your books named Royal Paradise is based on bully, abuse, and healing. 

Could you tell us something about that book? 

Kristna: “Yes. My third book name is ‘Royal Paradise’ which is based on bully and abuse. This book is a guide that can empower the person who has been a victim of bully and any kind of abuse. It will help anyone to be aware of one’s inner giant power and potential to overcome any such unpleasant situation and defend the self.”

“The book also has information on self-development and how to turn any unpleasant situation into positive and creative channeling to achieve goals and be powerful in many areas be it psychologically, emotionally, and physically.”

What are your latest new projects you are doing?

Kristna: “I will be doing two music videos with STIGMATA DUTCH who is an American Musician Music video director and producer. His company Bentley Records will be producing the Music video which will be shot in different states in  America in the summer. Bentley Records is an award-winning luxury international record label company based in Newyork and is featured in Forbes”

“I have a film with an Emmy Awarded producer and actor David Lockhart named ‘Lockhart2’- which we will film soon. I have a science fiction film ‘The Enemy is Coming’ from Australia and I have worked in Australia before also in a film named ‘Tantrica’, produced by Night Hawk Productions, an Australian-based production house which got 50 million views and is on Netflix Australia. There is another  psychological film which will be shot in London later this year “

“Many more Film scripts from various TV and Filmmakers have come, and I am spending quality time reading those scripts now and relaxing.”

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