Young Enterprenuer  all set to create a benchmark

At  19, journey Started with lots of Struggle. It is well said, that Struggle comes with Experience and also experiences comes with bad experiences. But when you want to achieve something, even universe supports you to the end. Here is the journey of Abhishek Ajrawat, the younger enterprenuer , founder of Bz Productions and Trynia. Bz Productions and Trynia deal with overall Movie Promotions, Marketing, Influencer Marketing, Advertisment, PR or Ad Shoots. Dealing with Events and working on Other Startups too. Abhishek, at a very young age faced a lot of Struggle and since he was in Content Production, his only interest lied in Content Marketing which made him create a  benchmark. Started with Bz Productions in Jammu and then Chandigarh, he started with young singers and celebrities for songs. Not only worked with big YouTube Muslate Channel, every album song touched million views. 

Abhishek, believed in working with efficiency and dedication and worked with providing good quality to the clients.

It is always said that working does not require education but passion and experience. Not every journey comes with sweet flowers some also comes with spines and thorns. He not only started with making career in production but he recently started one foundation that deals with Young budding artist and Talents. This foundation not only gives them the opportunity to showcase the talent but also provided them the platform to achieve recognizition. BZ Foundation is the first ngo that not only gives the young talent the opportunity to achieve the milestone but also gives them the Kickstart for their future. Working with Influencers marketing in Trynia and Bz, Abhishek owns a network of 1000 plus influencers.  Starting from Jammu and covering all the cities in India, Abhishek Started his journey. He not only sets an example for all the youngsters who dream of having something of their own but also sets a benchmark by working on his goals. When you have support in your family, you can grow more but when you have no one and you need to start something, the first thing that you face is discouragement and lack of Motivation. Abhishek tells, that there was a time when he even didn’t know how to start, he talks about one such incident that happen with him. When he and his team was visiting some place but came back because of lack of money. The very day he decided to work for his dream and achieve the goal no matter how long struggle takes. He worked day and night, in building his own company Bz and Trynia, and apart from that he is working on different startups which are yet to come. 

Success is not a part, it’s a statement. This statement requires a lot of Hard work, patience, dedication and intelligence. Combining with his Team, Abhishek achieved all the traits of Success. Abhishek believes that one never stops learning, we just grow more and achieve more. He believes that one must empower other person. Because success is achieved as a team not as an individual. He trust himself more and works for his goal. 

Abhishek, combining in a short form is the main idol for young Entrepreneur and dedicated individual. He is all set to launch many zonals in business and take the business market to the next level.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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