Who is Sahil Jain? How is his methodology changing the way students study ?

Sahil, a student always struggling to study, got punished in schools, studìed for 4-5 hours per day but ended up getting just average marks. He was studying with complete dedication and was not enjoying any other things, just completely focused on studies, but even after doing all that he was just getting average marks. This story is not unique to him; thousands of students go through the same struggle every year. 

What else can a student do? Every student is taught and told what is important for the exam but no one teaches the students how to remember that information. In every exam indirectly a student’s memory is getting tested the more information you memorize the more marks you can get. But no one teaches the method to remember, students have only one option to remember anything that is rote repetition(Ratta marna)

He also was also knowing and following the same methodology but one day Sahil attended a seminar in which 1 gentleman was able to remember randomly given 30 words just after writing it once. Not only that he was also able to tell which word was on which number. Just imagine you read something and you instantly remember that, the same thing for other people would take days and this person just wrote it Down and instantly remembers it, Sahil was shocked and instantly got curious to know the method behind that magic. After that session ended Sahil went to the gentlemen to know the secret of how he did it after a lot of requests and willingness to learn that gentlemen shared his secrets.

Once he got to know about that he got more and more curious he started researching, understanding and brainstorming about memory. His curiosity went so high that he ended up spending 80 thousand rupees to just learn everything about memory and the brain. After a few months in research he realized that if he knew these techniques earlier his school life would have been so easy and there are thousands of students who still struggle to remember their studies just like Sahil did.

That was the moment when he decided to share these secrets to the students, he himself had gone through that struggle and he knew exactly how and what can benefit the most for the students. He formulated and structured everything he knew into a very simple 5 days workshop.

In the 5 days workshop he taught students all the ways from which students can learn definitions, derivations, formulas, short and long answers, MCQ’s facts, lists of words, numbers, periodic table, theorems, etc. All these things were useful for students preparing for board and competitive exams 

In the last 1 year he has trained more than 2000 students all across India and has managed to get Fantastic results for his students.

One of his famous quotes says that 

“You don’t have a problem of memory, 

you have a problem of learning, 

if you change the way you learn, 

you too can become a super learner”

For putting so much hard work and trying to bring about a change in the way people study, he was awarded with the Nation’s Icon Award 2022 from wings publication.

Website link: coachsahil.com 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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