Vaddmaan Innovation – A Natural Nutrition focused company that is revolutionising the global Wellness space

Maintaining good health and wellness is something that everyone should strive for in their lives, especially at times like these when the globe is dealing with a worldwide pandemic. Nutrition is critical to our overall health and well-being. Proper nutrition consumption aids in the maintenance of our immunity and the prevention of diseases. 

In a candid conversation with the founder of Vaddmaan Innovation LLP, Mr. Piyush Jain, we spoke about the wellness industry and how their Start-up is bringing innovation to the wellness space and helping Indians with their nutritional needs.

  1. Hello Mr. Piyush, a warm welcome. Can you tell us more about Vaddmaan Innovation, how it started and how Vaddmaan is disrupting the natural nutrition and wellness space?

Mr. Piyush:

Health and wellness are a large global concern. WHO, in its report, mentions that 71% of global deaths are due to Non-communicable diseases (NCDs). Malnutrition or undernutrition in the form of vitamins or minerals deficiencies, wasting, stunting, underweight, obesity, heart diseases, and depression is one of the major contributors to NCDs and deaths among adults and children. To address this global challenge, hundreds of health solutions and nutrition brands are available for consumers. Still, an effective and well-structured nutritional management solution, comprehensive mechanism to measure individual nutrition states and track for improvements is a big gap. 

Since childhood and being born into a family of pharma background, I had dreamed of contributing to address this larger global issue. Vaddmaan is conceptualizing a 360-degree Data-Driven, New-Tech – AI/ML/AR/VR Nutritional assessment, recommendation, and monitoring solution, which is holistic and unique worldwide. It meticulously combines past dietary & medication history, clinical diagnostics, experts’ inputs, and health professional assessments of the nutritional needs of the person. It provides a personalised solution that can be scientifically measured and tracked for improvements. 

We are a purpose-driven, Natural Nutrition-focused Health & Wellness D2C brand. Our brand core is based on natural nutrition, which is influenced by Ayurveda, plant-based, cruelty-free, clinically proven, curated to address specific concerns, top of the quality, result-oriented, and affordable for the masses. Our products cater to the day-to-day wellness needs of men & women, whether young sportspersons, corporate genre, or the elderly, that help reduce their lifestyle health challenges and bring long-term natural improvements without any side effects. We have served more than 11k customers since our inception.

  1. Please shed some light on the wide variety of products that you have incepted?

Mr. Piyush: Our prime focus is natural nutrition. Be it nutrition for enhanced immunity, cognitive wellness, better weight management, nourishment for your bone & joints, muscles, etc. We always focus on preventive wellness, where deficiencies can be mitigated with the right nutrition approach. We believe natural nutrition is sustainable and provides long-term preventive wellness solutions.

If we look back, the nutritional market was full of chemical-based, animal-origin, unregulated supplements, making it difficult to choose the right supplement. We brought natural nutritional selective products addressing current times nutritional and healthcare challenges. Our inspiration is the ancient pretext of Ayurveda, Nature, Veganism, and affordable nutrition for humankind. All our products are cruelty-free, vegetarian, and only use safe herbs.

Each of our products is thoroughly researched and brings unique features. To give you an example, we have Vaddmaan Muscle build product, which is exclusively formulated with 12 sacred herbs, proven for their benefits in Muscle mass, Gain, post-workout recovery, etc. Another example is “Vaddmaan Natural Ashwagandha KSM-66”, It is not just any other Ashwagandha but standardised, potent, and most clinically studied (22 human trials to date) demonstrated the ability to reduce stress, anxiety, and cortisol levels and improvement in energy and endurance.

Vaddmaan Astaxanthin++ is a unique combination of natural Astaxanthin and natural Curcumin that helps boost the immune system, inhibits oxidation & oxidative stress, and prevents cell-damaging free radicals build-up.

We have natural energy and nutrition product based on Moringa, Shilajit, Satavari, and green coffee that helps maintain overall energy and boosts metabolism.

One of our popular products is “Vaddmaan Tulsi Amrit,” an extract of 5 types of tulsi for day-to-day wellness and immunity.

Vaddmaan is on a mission to positively impact the life and longevity of people globally by bringing awareness, scientific personalised solutions, and trustworthy quality products in the natural nutrition space.

  1. Indeed, a massive variety of Products, but it is a highly competitive market, so how does your brand Vaddmaan stand out from the rest?

Mr. Piyush – 

Vaddmaan is conceptualising the ‘Nutrition Engine’- A Healthtech solution for nutritional assessment, recommendation, and progress monitoring of individuals’ well-being more measurable and accurate. This is probably the first in the world kind of initiative. The nutrition engine assessment is based on Inputs from individual past Dietary & medication history, diagnostics, BMIs, Body composition, and Physical & clinical examination. Engine depicting scientific, true picture of their wellness state and how they can improve and track it. It will also assist health experts in providing precise & personalized recommendations leveraging Ayurveda, Nutra Ingredients, Naturopathy, Yoga, Food, and other aspects as per individual preference.

Vaddmaan Innovations’ core philosophy is ‘Natural Nutrition for All.’ It motivates us to bring high-quality, natural nutritional supplements made with carefully selected and safe herbs at a reasonable price, accessible to the larger community. If we look back, the Nutritional market was full of chemical-based, animal-origin, unregulated supplements, making it difficult to choose the right supplement. Our vegetarian supplements are 100% pure, plant-based, highly potent, fairly priced, and meet the highest quality standards as they are manufactured in ISO & GMP certified facilities and follow clean label policy, displaying all ingredients. Their respective potencies, so that individuals know precisely what they are taking.

This is truly unique thinking for mankinds betterment, so what are your future plans?

Mr. Piyush: As the name of the company suggests, innovation is at the heart of what we do. We’re working to innovate the health and nutrition space with our Nutrition Engine. It is a big initiative and needs collaboration with diagnostics labs, hospitals, Doctors, Nutritionists, Dieticians, Ayush Vaidya, and communities at multiple levels. We invite start-ups, experts, hospitals, food researchers, and policymakers to come together and be part of the global initiative.

Also, in nutrition, people’s choices are huge, and they like to consume a variety of products, not just sticking to a particular product for long. In the last 2-3 years, many start-ups entered the nutrition products market by concentrating on a particular form like health beverages, healthy shakes, gummies, nuts & seeds, health snack bars, etc. No single company/start-up can cater to all forms of nutrition products. Hence, we are looking forward to collaborating, acquiring, or investing in like-minded nutrition-focused start-ups to be able to provide a large product range and choices to the people. 


Foundersprofile: Mr. Piyush Jain is a veteran technologist with 25 years of leadership experience in IT solutions, startups, D2C, and Health & wellness domains. Born & brought up in an entrepreneurial family with a legacy of pharmaceuticals, He is Innovator & Strategist with strong business acumen in building sustainable and profitable businesses. 

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