Top 3 quality tests to improve your corrugated box quality

During packing, shipping, and storage, corrugated shipping cartons are subjected to a variety of stresses. When packaging manufacturers put heavy contents in these boxes then they are prone to get damaged during heavy stress. Thus, testing the quality of these boxes will save your product from sudden failures. Presto Stantest Private Ltd. is a National Award Winning testing equipment manufacturer with over 38 years of industry expertise that provides you with the range of highest quality testing instruments at the best available prices. From regular slotted containers to high-quality corrugated boxes, the testing equipment from Presto will let you test the compressive strengthbursting strengthliquid-absorbing strength, and many other factors.

To determine the strength of these boxes against external influences, you need to test your materials thoroughly. Thus, we have listed the top 3 quality tests that you can take in order to deliver quality products to your customers. Have a look at them below.

Corrugated box testing methods to improve their quality

When you choose a particular corrugated box to deliver your products to the customers, then you need to be extra cautious about their quality. Thus, you can take these top 3 quality tests to ensure that your package will be delivered without any faults or breakage.

  1. Burst test or Mullen test

The burst test or Mullen test is considered to be one of the effective tests that measure the force that will burst or rupture the corrugated box. The Mullen Test involves suspending a piece of corrugated material and applying increasing amounts of stress on the material’s face until it explodes. This test is highly useful in measuring the forces that cartons may get subjected to during rough handling as well the amount that the carton box can hold. To easily conduct the test, you can take help from Presto bursting strength tester to determine the bursting strength of boxes.

  1. Edge Crush Test (ECT)

Edge crush test or ECT is another highly useful test that will help you to determine the amount of force a corrugated box can withstand on its edges without crushing. In this quality test, the force will be applied to the edges of the box to damage them. Most items are now delivered and kept in pallets, where boxes may be piled several layers deep in modern shipping and warehousing systems. As a result, the box must not only be robust enough to support the weight of the object within, but it must also have strong enough edges to support the weight on top without crushing or deforming. Thus, with the help of the Presto edge crush tester, you can easily conduct crush strength of cardboard boxes and packaging containers.

  1. Box compression test

The box compression test, also known as the corrugated compression test, is a method of determining how much weight can be placed on top of a box before it deforms and to what degree it deforms. It offers us a fair sense of how many boxes may be stacked without causing damage to the lowermost box’s contents. Most businesses that carry boxes in bulk use this test to ensure the strength of the boxes. You can take help from the Presto box compression tester, to make sure that the products you are delivering should be free of any errors.


These are the top essential quality tests that can be conducted to assure the quality of boxes. You can easily take other quality tests with different package testing instrument designed by our experts. You can even book a FREE sample testing session just by emailing us at

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