“This is not just a page on Instagram , It’s A Movement For GenZ “ – RaghavBudhraja CEO PeakPals

Raghav Budhraja , 23 Year Old, Noida Based Founder, shares his two year journey to create the best diet & workout program and unique accountability approach,

to give the right guidance to the  youth.

What does PeakPals do?

We give a meal by meal personalised diet, workout plans to melt belly and be fit and keep you accountable by sharing meal pictures with a trainer, so you’re guaranteed to follow the plan.

We’ve made people lose 8-12 Kg in 2 months while improving their health

Why did you start PeakPals

People have been told they’ve to eat fewer calories, workout more, have no carbs, or maybe their genes are different.

There’s a lot of confusion, right?

But Imagine, what if you finally find out which personalised diet plan is best for you to follow effortlessly, for life.

To permanently lose weight, get rid of your belly fat, wear the clothes you want

and feel confident. Without sacrificing health, being on & off diets, or literally doubting your entire existence just because you can’t follow a diet.

This is where our program comes in, where you’ll get 3 things

  1. Diet Plans – Based on your body type & health data to cut cravings & know what’s best for you, to have peace of mind instead of wasting it in deciding what to eat.
  1. Workout Plans – Functional compound-based workouts to melt belly, be fit, and look good.
  1. Accountability –  Send daily meal pictures to your coach so you’ve no option but to follow the plan.  We’re here to hold your hands and deliver guaranteed results to you.

Why can’t people stick to fitness programs despite so much information on the Internet?

What is the difference between a person who gets what he wants in life and the one who doesn’t?

It’s having zero options.

  1. Imagine you didn’t study regularly, but studied the night before exams.
  1. Or having a bad routine, but suddenly school re-opens/job starts, so now you have to wake up early.
  1. To the extreme, but imagine what if you lost your parents.

Will there be a steady step-by-step change in you?

 A new habit?

“Trying to feel positive”?


You won’t have any option but to transform entirely.

Similarly, you’re one decision away from taking the plunge where our goal is to make sure you have no option but to follow the plan with the best trainers who’ll guide you step by step in the right direction.

Who is PeakPals for?

A person who’s done seeing their best phase, their youth slip away.

From extraordinary 18 Y/O to Forbes 30 Under 30, Delhi to globally

Only common thing I’ve seen in People who got extraordinary results is

They don’t wait for the

Perfect Time.

What was the biggest challenge you faced while building PeakPals?

Finding the best trainers in India, as a lot of unqualified trainers mess up health.  A fitness trainer has the biggest responsibility- their health. It’s like a pilot’s approach to flying an aeroplane; you can’t get the way wrong and crash!

As my aim was finding experienced and qualified trainers to guide youth in the right direction, kind of like celebrity trainers guidance, affordably.

Who’s your biggest inspiration?

My mom, dad and myself. I built PeakPals not from Zero, but down below. 

Any Projects that you have?

For the last two years, PeakPals has been super focused to find specialist trainers in India and build the best weight loss program, for people who are looking to lose weight or have that good-looking lean look.

Finally, we’ve done it and for our generation which grew up on social media, we want to create the best Instagram Page for fitness in India and have just launched on Instagram

Even though we don’t give discounts, this is the only time we’re offering our service at this price for the first 100 people till 15th July

You can Follow and DM us on Instagram


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