Mr. Alok Kumar is a veteran entrepreneur aged 16 with 30 years of experience. His vision for our country is to make it known as the “Entrepreneur Country of the world”

This vision mixed with a lot of hard work and a dash of perseverance led him to initiate the world of “The Business Eutopia” – A Business Factory where dreams are conceived, executed and achieved. 

A single deliverable to Aspiring and Inspiring Entrepreneurs: BUSINESS SIMPLIFIED – SUCCESS AMPLIFIED

He is an Engineer by profession, an entrepreneur by choice, a traveller by passion, and an author at heart. He is also a Post Graduate of the renowned University of Singapore and a digital marketing expert from IIT Delhi. 

His academic excellence and contribution to the business & entrepreneurship field have been recognized globally.

He started his career by working for some of the best-ever companies in the world. These companies include the likes of M/s ETC LLC UAE, M/s Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co Ltd, M/s Business Octane, M/s Wipro Ltd. Etc.

His passion for the field of entrepreneurship led him to start his own company in the year 2010 by forming M/s ADWITIYA STRATEGIC SOLUTIONS PVT LTD. Within no time he became the Goddard of his field and the ever favourite for his existing clients. 

Throughout his reign as a successful business coach, Mr Alok Kumar has cracked the mantra that online and offline business owners can use to make the best out of their business and that is to Stop selling their expertise for peanuts and make a fortune by becoming a Real Entrepreneur with Real Growth and Real Profits.

Today he is helping Entrepreneurs with his products and services in the field of smart furniture, IOT-based automation (AUTOMATION OF THINGS PVT LTD), digital marketing services (THRIVE5X) along with business coaching and consulting at THE BUSINESS EUTOPIA.

He is also the author of 2 books namely: Sahaj Ki Saanjh and Brothers in Lockdown (Available on Amazon)

“Do things right, the first time and every time” is Mr. Alok Kumar’s untold secret.

Continuously producing the best of results every single year and increasing his worth by a Himalayan margin every single time is the reason what his name is known for.

A lot of successful minds in the world have already said that ideas are meant to be great but according to Mr. Alok, ideas are average but the steps that you take to make them work are the ones that make you stand out from the crowd.

No matter how many difficult situations you have seen, no matter how many times you have failed if you have chosen a way of life then you need to fulfil the duty of surpassing every obstacle and every hindrance that comes in the way of your goal.

Mr Alok, apart from being a great Business Coach and Great teacher, is also a very good communicator. Having been in the corporate sector for almost a decade he understands the value of communication in an individual’s personal as well as professional life. His ways of improving one’s communication skills to be successful in life stand next to the likes of Mr Dorie Clark.

The major challenge which a working individual faces in his day-to-day life includes the time that he can spend with his family, his cash flow, his monthly headaches of paying EMI etc. The knowledge and experience of Mr Alok Kumar combined and worked upon for more than 20 years is the answer to all these questions. He has made it so easy to work, enjoy, live, and spend that you won’t even realize when you are working and when you are earning.

Life would be a cakewalk. A cake to be browned upon.

He realized his passion for the Art of Teaching/helping people grow and thus he founded “The Business Eutopia” where he envisions teaching and coaching at least 50 lakh people all over India and even more all across the globe to pass on the impeccable knowledge related to entrepreneurship which he has browned all over the years.

He is a man with an excellent personality and an attitude to never give up. No matter how abysmal the situation is he knows how to come out of the quicksand-like a virtuoso.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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