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As there is a saying that – ‘Bakers make the world smell better’. So is the case of cake which has deliciousness in each and every bite. We are very well acquainted with the fact that cakes add colours and happiness to every occasion. Cakes are in demand, whether it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary, marriage or any other occasion. So, a fabulous bakery and cake startup came into existence, which is located at Gomti Nagar in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh.

Cakes Makes is founded by Abhinav Mishra. He has done his in Civil Engineering but from his childhood he always fascinated towards starting something his own rather than doing 9 to 5 job. The reason behind setting up this online cake startup is very interesting and inspiring. When we were bound to stay at home during the lockdown, many services were out of our reach including cake availability. And in between that time he found that he was celebrating most of the special occasions without any cake and no one providing cakes at doorstep. He converted this as startup opportunity and started “The Luxury Taste – Cakes Makes” on 26th June, 2021 with very minimal investment. He has started his journey of Cakes Makes despite various challenges and proved that if a person has strong determination for dreams then no can stop you from doing that. He himself mentioned in his interview that he had to face many criticisms from society and even from family and friends. But their words were not strong enough in comparison to the strong determination he have and started this with very minimal setup. Happy customer and their positive feedback make him happy and motivates him to work harder day by day.

He started “Cakes Makes” from online platforms and connects with people via instagram & other social media. Also he shared information about Cakes Makes verbally. He is planning to launch stores in various locations soon. 

Cakes Makes (@cakes_makes) had zero followers on its Instagram account the day it started. But due to the consistent hard work and quality services they offer, it has reached more than 11k followers now. This startup has delivered approximately 5K orders successfully and has around 3K repeated customers as well.  All because of the richness of the cake taste and quality services provided by them. This startup tagline suits its nature, i.e., richness in the taste of their cake – The Luxury Taste .

This startup also delivers tons of happiness to people’s homes. It is one of the most favourite destinations for cakes in Lucknow. Their cakes are rich in taste and freshly baked with different flavours . Moreover, it is available at very affordable prices. If you are planning to surprise any of your loved ones with a wonderful cake, then you should not think twice about ordering from them. The reasons for loving Cakes Makes are many. First of all, their cakes are freshly baked and are delicious in taste. They provide customised cakes at very reasonable prices which are comparatively low and you can customise your cake as per your celebration.

They offer the best quality services to their customers. They do free home delivery at your doorsteps where ever you want. And do you know about the most significant feature of them? Their delivery options are available round the clock at your doorstep with no charges. If you want cake at 1 o’clock midnight. Tadda!! They will deliver at your place. Isn’t it amazing?

So if you gonna crave for a cake at midnight or you want to surprise your loved ones, all you have to do is pick your phone up and order a cake of your own choice.

This startup has an additional branch in Prayagraj and team is working online right now. There also the team is getting an outstanding response and customers are satisfied with taste and quality provided by them.

The founder has great vision towards this startup and it is just a beginning. He wants to expand this in several cities which will allow cakes availability round the clock and people can get cake easily at any time at doorstep.

Lucknow is just the starting point for him. He not only wants to start several branches all over India but also wants to transform it into a large company. With its hard-working team and qualitative services, this startup will undoubtedly earn a remarkable name one day.

You can connect to them online through the following link – 

  • Lucknow :  
  • Prayagraj:
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