The 35mm Love Story: All I Ever Want Is You by Nikhil Raj.

“All I Ever Want Is You” is bestselling author Nikhil Raj’s debut novel. It is a romantic story with a blend of fiction and Bollywood! Nikhil Raj is not just an author but a filmmaker as well. He’s made popular short films like “The Smiling Rickshawala” and “Be Your Best Friend”. 

His filmmaking skills bring life to his writings. They add a flavour of cinematic experience to his books. “All I Ever Want Is You” is one such experience. This is not just another love story. It is rather a journey of love, showing stages of passion and separation and takes into account other social factors that influence romances. Raj and Alisha are the protagonists of this beautiful story, and “All I Ever Want Is You” is about their quest for love, not just finding it in each other but also within themselves.

Finding true and passionate love in the age of new age romances is rare. “All I Ever Want Is You” brings out the fragrance of classic romance in the era of modern times. For some, love can be a simple and stupid thing that makes you do even more stupid things. For others, it might be a complicated and difficult situation with lots of separation. Nikhil Raj addresses both these elements and this varying and poles apart nature of love in this debut book of his.

The story also addresses various elements of friendship and romance, the distinction between them and similarities as well. With these elements, “All I Ever Want Is You” brings a fresh perspective to love and inspires us about the beauty of falling in love. The choice of words and the way they’ve been put together adds a poetic touch to Nikhil’s writings. The description of characters from a third-person perspective and the portrayal of what goes inside the minds of characters have been put together so well. It is sure to hook you to the entire plot.

“All I Ever Want Is You” is truly heart touching for anyone who has experienced what being in love feels like. Dealing with almost every aspect of love, one can definitely relate to the book in some way or the other.

Written by Nikhil Raj, who is a filmmaker, “All I Ever Want Is You” is the perfect combination of a Bollywood film and a romantic novel. Experiencing both in one is definitely a dream come true! You can buy this excellent piece of writing at:
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