The Telangana Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists team Dr Nagender Kankipati, Hon’ TASLPA & UACA President & Dr Imad Khan Ruman, Hon’ General Secretary along with the respected Advisor & Editor, Prof. Dr Rajendra Kumar Porika have attended the International Symposium on Audiological Medicine (ISAM) Conclave Research Innovation which was conducted in Institute of Health Sciences, Bhubaneswar on 13th March 2022. This Programme was aimed at New Ideas, Thoughts, Innovations, Entrepreneurship Skills For Audiologists in Fields of Audiology and Beyond Audiology.

This occasion was conducted, preceded by ISAM, International Webinar, which was Hosted by the TASLPA (Telangana Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists Association) last month for three days from 11-13th Feb. 2022. It was recognized by the Rehabilitation Council of India. The worldwide renowned experts, Audiologists, Speech-Language Pathologists and, ENT Surgeons, Scientists, Experts of Various Fields have delivered the scientific talk on the latest trends in three-day Webinar Sessions.

The Founder & Chief Editor of ISAM Journals, Professor Satya Mahapatra, has invited all the dignitaries, Senior Practicing Audiologists & Rehab professionals all over India. The Honorable Guests and Dignitaries & have shared their valuable information in the Conclave Seminar Meet to discuss the need for research Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Guests from TASLPA, Dr Rajendra Kumar Porika, Dr Nagender Kankipati, Imad Khan Ruman, have also addressed the importance of the research and Collaboration of the team of professionals for the initiative and development of the development research work. The innovative research experts and known influencer, Dr Jagannath Chatterjee, Dr Srinivas Dorasala, Dr Nivedita Jena, and Dr Pratap Kumar Jena, have shared their valuable experiences and various innovative methods of doing start-ups.

The Journal of International Symposium of Audiological Medicine (ISAM) is an excellent initiation for Research documentation. This innovative work brings a compilation of the current, latest, upcoming and advanced audiological research works. This Journal primarily aims the dissemination of informative knowledge for the students, research scholars, Professionals, Practicing Audiologists & Speech-Language Pathologists to gain and update their knowledge in the Audiology stream. This also supports and encourages the research works, start-ups internationally in the area of Audiology.  

The TASLPA team Dr Nagender Kankipati, Hon’ TASLPA & UACA President & Dr Imad Khan, Hon’ General Secretary and respected Advisor & Editor Dr Rajendra Kumar Porika felicitated the Founder of ISAM & IHS Prof. Satya Mahapatra Sir and Dr Subhasmita Sahoo, H.O.D. Dept of Audio Vestibular Medicine, Institute of Health Sciences (IHS) for their Out Standing work in Successfully conducting the Conclave.

Telangana association has made all the Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of the nation proud of their commitment and passion for the profession. The enthusiasm and energy of the members will pave the way for a better ecosystem for the professionals. The event of TASLPACON is being hosted to showcase the best practices and novelty. It is not at all an easy task to organise such programs and carry on year by year. It deserves support and cheering from everyone. Whether a stakeholder or just a citizen of this country, we should be proud of it. By joining hands, together we can make a big difference in quality and professionalism. My heartiest congratulations to the organisers. May the divine almighty bless the team TASLPA with success in all that is planned for in the scheduled event, the third TASLPACON

Prof Satya Mahapatra

Chief Coordinator

Rehabilitation Council of India, Eastern zone 1

Institute of Health Sciences,


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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