Suro Jit Ghosal, also known as Suro Jit Ghosal, is an Indian film director who works in Bengali films.

Suro Jit Ghosal was born on 5 October in Dhanbad to a Bengali family. He completed his study in Dhanbad and later shifted to Kolkata. Shortly after that, he started assisting director Anurag later joining as an assistant director.

He is the CEO & Chairman of Ghosal Group.

BMF Entertainment, BMF Music, Premium Classic Entertainment, Kyria Doir, Suro Photography, Ghosal Event. These are the companies that come under Ghosal Group.

With his innovative ideas and efficient use of different digital marketing strategies, Suro Jit Ghosal is excelling in providing the best services to his clients.

The way different business industries and sectors are growing each passing day and the way they have been experiencing massive success only proves how different entrepreneurs and professionals have been making the most of the opportunities and have been optimizing every possible tool and strategy to reach the pinnacle of success in their chosen industries. The digital space is one such that has been on a constant rise, and for that, apart from the many technological advances, consistent efforts and hard work of young entrepreneurs must be thanked. 

Suro jit Ghosal from West Bengal, India, is one such young talent, who at 25 years of age has astounded the world with his skills and knowledge in Filmmaker, digital marketing, and PR and has even emerged as an expert in the same.

Suro jit Ghosal, who is the proud CEO and Founder of his firm Ghosal Group has today come forward to lay out a few Production House digital marketing strategy tips for 2021.

Suro jit Ghosal has created a thriving career with his firm GHOSAL GROUP and has proved his expertise and excellence as one of the youngest Indian Digital Filmmaker, Digital Marketers, PR experts, and entrepreneurs. The proof is the massive list of clienteles he has earned so far, who trust him for his impeccable Filmmaker & Digital Marketing talents and skills.

The state of Bengal has a rich culture and history of music. It has given India some of the most prominent musicians the country has ever seen. Bengali music also has dedicated followers in Indian Classical Music, Rabindra Sangeet, folk music, or even contemporary (Adhunik) music. Like other regional music markets, the Bengali music industry has been affected by COVID-19. But now, as the music industry and market reopens, music labels and artists are optimistic once again.

One of Bengal’s leading music labels is BMF Music. The label produces not just film music but non-film original music as well.

We spoke to Suro Jit Ghosal. CEO and Director, Ghosal Group & BMF Music, about the road ahead for the Bengali music industry and the various initiatives of BMF Music.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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