So have you guys ever been to Kolkata? If yes, you must have definitely visited the city’s main central hub, Park Street. Now there is this legendary hotel called THE PARK, which has probably the best nightclub in the country right now called ROXY. And the man who runs the club straight from marketing to operations to artist bookings is the one and only Subhajit Chakraborty. Not only has he won hearts but also won the respect and love of some of India’s most significant artists. 

We had a chance to catch up with him to ask him his story. We questioned when did he join Roxy and his quest. He replied, “I have joined Roxy from the time it opened and officially joined the club in 2008. So yes, I’ve being with this property right from the start.”

We further asked him why Roxy is ranked among the best nightclubs in India, and he had an accurate answer: ” Roxy has been number one for over a decade now. It’s the first club in India who manages to do 6 events every week. And each event does phenomenally well. We start with MAD MONDAYS followed by BIG WEDNESDAY then we do the famous BLUSH THURSDAY and kick-start the weekend with WASTED FRIDAYS, followed by the legendary weekend with SEXY SATURDAYS and ending up with a SUPER SUNDAY. So that’s approximately 26 events every month and I doubt any club can break the record of ROXY.” 

Anyone in the nightlife business knows the challenges and the roadblocks that come with the territory. We asked him if he had ever faced any issues as they grew bigger in the business. He said, “You have the understand that there are several challenges served on our plate. Every week we have to build plus we have to make sure that next week is bigger and better. We have to make sure that the guests do not get bored with the same kind of nights and events . The music does become monotonous and that’s where you have to change the game. Covid was one of the biggest challenges for us as it made things so difficult and the competition right now is at an all time high. Till 3 – 4 years back there were barely 6 – 7 clubs that were competing but now at a radius of a mere 3 kilometres from our location, we are competing with 50 clubs at least. But we aren’t worried as challenges and obstacles are only pushing us to do better and get bigger. Honestly, I’m quite happy to accept anything that comes at me.” 

Subhajit has genuinely been a pioneer and is on his way to being a future Hall of Famer if we ever had an Oscar for Nightlife and FnB. We can’t wait to see what Roxy and Subhajit have in store for Kolkata now.

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