Sourav Sir’s Classes: Reshaping the career of work worthy Indians

Are you doing a job and not satisfied with it? Have you ended up as a housewife after your marriage? Have your dreams not been fulfilled yet? Are you a student from a backward community and think your inability to speak English is pulling you from becoming successful? If any of the answers to the above-mentioned questions is affirmative, then we have a great solution for you ahead. This is an institution that believes in the application of knowledge and has created one of the greatest minds in the last decade. This Institution has carefully crafted the hopes of people. This Institution is Dr. Sourav Sir’s Classes which has branches in Kolkata and New Delhi. 

Over the past few years, they have excessively worked with different types of students who have a discontinued educational background or lost hope to continue studies and students with psychological backlogs, women who want to get back to professional life again. They extend a helping hand to all by providing emotional as well as financial support. During times of financial distress caused by the pandemic, this Institute started scholarships for poor and meritorious students hailing from difficult socioeconomic backgrounds. While other Institutes only reinforced the conventional student-teacher hierarchy in classrooms, this Institution sought to break that by ensuring a friendly relationship between both the teacher and students. Students were mentored in one-to-one sessions. 

Don’t consider them as an NGO, don’t confuse them with a philanthropic organization. Instead, consider them as your friend, philosopher, and guide who walks with you in the dark alleys of life. Sourav Sir has personally mentored and guided hundreds of students to achieve their goals and excel in life. Students appearing for entrance examinations to highly competitive Economics Masters entrances to students appearing for civil services competitive examinations and Engineering PG entrances, students have found Sourav Sir to be a beacon of hope amongst all their insecurities. Meditation classes and personal sessions helped them very much in their journey. The pattern of teaching is mesmerizing, the way of speaking of the executives or the counsellors or the professors is inspiring. Live classes are supplemented by recordings of the same along with special doubt clearing sessions organized by Sourav Sir himself. This ensures that students are not inconvenienced in any way if they are unable to attend a class. They are extremely conscious of the requirements of the students. For people who cannot sit for the exams for which they have prepared or signed up, Sourav Sir ensures that they get admission in the next batch, completely free of cost. The locations of the Institute push for free thinking. So, in short, we can say whatever help you need, this organization is always there for you as their motto is “Always, all the help you need.” This is probably one of the few institutes that does not see students as money-making machines but rather sees them as companions undertaking a journey together. They have no cut-throat ambition to open multiple franchises and compromise on quality. They have undertaken a unique journey that has placed them in students’ hearts and ensured they grow commensurately. 


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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