SID Global Solutions Launches its New Tech Centre in Hyderabad

Google Partner and Digital Transformation expert firm SIDGS looks to add to its workforce and strengthen customer success initiatives with the launch of its new headquarters in Hyderabad, IN. 

HYDERABAD, India, April 16, 2022– SID Global Solutions (SIDGS) celebrated the opening of its new APAC headquarters located in Hyderabad with employees at its “Welcome Back to the Office” event. 

The headquarters’ opening closely follows the launch of its Bengaluru branch in March. The company plans to recruit multiple senior and mid-level associates over the next few months. All of this comes as a part of SIDGS’ continued push to expand globally. 

The event was attended by hundreds of employees from the Hyderabad and Bengaluru offices, including SIDGS Director of Global People Success, Robert Penrose. 

To celebrate the momentous occasion, Penrose, who flew out from SIDGS’ US headquarters in Exton, Pennsylvania, had this to say — “Today marks the opening of our new offices and the commencement of the next phase of our evolution. With the momentum we have stored since our inception, we propel ourselves to the forefront of digital transformation. We do this with faith in our mission and belief in our people.” 

SIDGS’ Business Operations Lead for APAC, Venumadhav Chiluka, was also in attendance. Chiluka commented on the difficulty facing companies looking to expand office facilities around the globe in the wake of COVID-19. “To set up additional office facilities all around the globe was no easy feat,” remarked Chiluka, who spearheaded the initiative to ensure these new facilities were prepared for employees from all over the world to safely return to the office. 

Chiluka went on to say, “We are enhancing our global footprints in terms of customer acquisitions, and this also translates to having a diverse workforce to ensure customer success. We strive for our customers, clients, and partners to get more than what they ask for. If that means we need to add to our workforce and real estate in a record time, we are not going to shy away.” 

Venkat Madipadaga, Chairman and CEO of SID Global Solutions, said, “As a commitment to our global customers, we are continuously expanding our teams and establishing new locations closer to customers for better collaboration, customer partnership, and customer experience.” 

Venkat added, “Our new Headquarters in Hyderabad will be acting as a nucleus for regional innovation and delivery pods in various strategic regions of APAC. It is exciting to call this beautiful office space our home and headquarters for the APAC region. We are standing-up new pods in the APAC region over the next few months, and some of them are Singapore, Dubai, and the Philippines. Singapore pod is in the works currently, and it is going to be the future home for our SIDGS Team in Southeast Asia. Some more strategic locations are under discussion right now. This is perfect timing, as most of our employees have started coming back to offices and working closely with each other as a team for collaborative success while enjoying the collocated team environment and in-person interactions. I would like to thank all employees who moved to their hometowns during the pandemic for almost two years and now returning to SIDGS offices for their trust, commitment, and support.” 

Lastly, Venkat went on to thank the teams working out of their new Hyderabad HQ and expressed gratitude to the customers for entrusting SIDGS with their critical business and technology initiatives. 


SID Global Solutions (SIDGS) is a business transformation partner of choice for organizations around the world. As a global digital technology solutions and services provider, SIDGS enables businesses to excel through the most potent combination of innovative technologies and fortune 500 customers’ digital transformation experience. 

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