‘Satpuda’s RedTurtle,’ A Quality design of LPG Cylinder Trolley which stands for #EasyPushRahoKhush

The feminine power of our country has always astonished the world with every possible opportunity. Pradhan Mantri Ujjwala Yojna has emphasized upgrading the living standards of several Indian women. Satpuda has also taken a step forward to add to this noble cause by introducing ‘RedTurtle.’ Red turtle is a heavy-duty LPG cylinder trolley designed and manufactured by Satpuda to finally bring an end to all the hassles of moving an LPG cylinder within the house.

 Satpuda Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has keenly observed the issues people face while using LPG cylinder trolleys for moving their LPG cylinders within their homes. They observed that such a mundane task of handling an LPG cylinder within homes had become an annoying task for every end-user. Over the period, unfortunately, people have got accustomed to living with these hassles.

 Satpuda’s Chairman, Mr. Satish Patil, observed that his wife, Mrs. Hemalata Patil, was facing these issues regularly while handling the LPG cylinder. He saw that even though they had a trolley to keep and move their LPG cylinder, the trolley’s wheels did not move smoothly. They frequently got stuck, leading to increased discomfort while manoeuvring the LPG cylinder within the house. At times, the trolley couldn’t hold the cylinder firmly, and the cylinder would slip out of the trolley during motion and fall on the floor, breaking the floor tiles. Mr. Satish observed that his wife had to buy an LPG cylinder trolley every four months as their existing trolley wouldn’t last longer than that due to its flimsy build quality. His house’s floor tiles had ended up having red circular marks at locations where their spare LPG cylinder was kept. One day he decided to bring an end to all these hassles by designing an innovative LPG cylinder trolley for his wife, which would resolve all these issues.

 This innovative design gave birth to RedTurtle, India’s Most User-friendly LPG Cylinder Trolley. RedTurtle is a sturdy, robust, and durable LPG cylinder trolley having heavy-duty anti-jamming wheels designed to rotate and swivel smoothly. The wheels are so smooth that it is fun to manoeuvre the LPG cylinder. The optimum design of the trolley holds the LPG cylinder firmly inside it, ensuring that the cylinder never slips out of the trolley while moving it. Also, most importantly, the trolley has a robust and durable metal body, drastically increasing its longevity. Satpuda claims that you buy RedTurtle once and forget about it. It is expected to serve you for years to come. In short, RedTurtle LPG Cylinder Trolley has made moving an LPG cylinder a child’s play.

 Satpuda has always been keen on identifying and analysing the needs of people. With exhaustive brainstorming, they have been coming up with innovative solutions for their customers’ well-being, making their customers’ lives better with mindful steps, one at a time. “You don’t have to cross all the steps at once,” they say. “You just have to cross the next one.” Accordingly, the RedTurtle LPG Cylinder Trolley is one thoughtful and valuable step taken by Satpuda to upgrade the lifestyle of its customers. To conclude, RedTrutle LPG Cylinder Trolley can be described in one line as ‘Buy it once and forget about it!’

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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