Saran’s pride Himanshu Hari

 His roots are associated with Kothia Narao village under Garkha Vidhan Sabha of Chapra district. His father, Ashwani Kumar Singh, is an industrialist. He is also a social worker who has been associated with journalism. The name is Himanshu Hari. In the age in which people dream of employment, they have become an inspiration for others by making use of the digital revolution. They have created a big platform on their own in the field of media, events and construction. 

Apart from giving employment, it is also giving birth to many possibilities. In view of the inspiring work being done by Himanshu Hari, on March 22, at Ravindra Bhawan auditorium, Senior IPS officer Vikas Vaibhav, Special Secretary in Government of Bihar, honoured Himanshu Hari with the Outstanding Journalism Award. In his address on the occasion, Vikas Vaibhav said that let’s inspire Bihar is really only for the youth like Himanshu Hari who are drawing a big streak of change in Bihar on their own, who do not worry, carry forward the spirit of contemplation. They are uniting society. They are creating self-employment; they are not only looking for employment in new areas, but they are also giving employment to others.


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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