Rakesh Ragavendran, the Business President of India Udhyog explains the Importance of Branding and Promotions in DIGITAL SPACE

The social commerce industry in India is expected to grow by 71.5% on an annual basis to reach the US $8 258.8 million in 2022.

From a grandmother to a teenager, everyone has a smartphone, and it is this smartphone which is making everyone go digital. As the Indian population becomes more digitally connected, especially the untapped tier-2 and 3 cities and rural India, the social commerce market in India is expected to skyrocket in the next four to six quarters. Moreover, the outbreak of COVID-19 has further fueled the growth of e-commerce as people were confined to their homes and spent more amount of time online. This habit of being online, which was brought thanks to COVID -19, is here to stay. 

Today’s Gen Z and Millenials spend a huge amount of time surfing and want everything at their fingertips. This habit has even trickled down to the previous generations, who are now exploring the ways of the digital world. From something as small as a mask to big decision-making things like houses, everything can and is now available to put in the cart and hit the Buy button. 

Be it b2c or b2b sales or marketing. Digital is the way ahead when it comes to growing business in its true definition. Who do you think can help you achieve b2b sales and b2c marketing? 

In such times of Digital Marketing, India Udhyog acts as a direct digital bridge between customers and sellers. 

By registering today, you, as a seller, would have an edge in reaching your prospects and customers earlier. We are a platform that would connect you directly. Your details would now be available to the customer. You will get notified by SMS when someone looks at your product. You would get notified when someone searches for the products in your category. You can then directly connect with them and make them your loyal customers. 

Apart from the usual digital marketing services that the market has to offer, India Udhyog is here to change the definition of b2b marketing by bringing the niche services in a customised package. From local citations to having articles about your business on high-volume PR sites, you shall be in front of the eyes of the customer in every possible digital space. We can curate highly advanced shareable content, be it images, blogs, or infographics, and shall submit them to the right sites where your prospects are at the moment. 

India Udhyog is here to aid you in growing your business digitally by letting the customer reach you directly.

Look at our pocket-friendly packages and our extended Digital Marketing Services. We will be happy to connect with you for details and customised offerings.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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