Pharmacy Franchise with Attached Clinic launched in India


As the Indian healthcare industry is growing rapidly, the competition in the healthcare sector is growing every day.

Healthcare is one of the most important industries in India. Healthcare services have increased in demand among the people by the launch of various business models.

Many top corporate companies have been on trends to introduce new services and business models in the healthcare sector.

Focusing on the competition among the industry leaders, Medteq medicare is all set to launch India’s first pharmacy store with an attached clinic.

Dr. Niraj Kumar, the founder and present CEO of the company, stated that taking the need of most people in the country, we have initiated a random survey in order to analyse the requirements of the people and business individuals who are currently seeking change in the pharmacy business model and hence we are coming up with a unique concept and business model, where an individual can start up his pharmacy within the lowest and secure investment.

Talking about the business model, he said the Medteq pharmacy by Medteq medicare would be a kind of franchise system with zero risk business model, where an individual can set up the pharmacy with a secured investment, which means the investment made by an individual is 100% refundable upon termination of the franchise contract.

Not only this, but to begin as a franchisee of Medteq pharmacy, the individual just needs to provide the space measuring a minimum of 750 sq. Ft area and rest, the company, takes care.

To support our franchisee growth, we have set up a training model where we provide training to all our business associates in order to increase sales. We also intend to come up with different offers to offer to our customers as we believe customer service is the key to successful business growth.

He also stated that, as we are in the launching phase of a unique franchise model, we are currently focused on the one-city model. According to this business model, we are open to a single store in a city so that we can focus on business to grow further. Our strategy is not to grow in the number of stores but to grow in the number of customers, and growth in customers is only possible when we have a single outlet to focus on.

Benefits of Starting Medteq Pharmacy in India:

* Easy Business Model

* Secure Investment Opportunity

* 100% Business Warranty ( Never Before)

* 100% Refund of Investment in 120days

* Complete Store Set-up Provided

* Stocks Provided

* Zero Inventory Charges

* Marketing and Sales Support

* Training Provided

* Doctor Support for OPD Provided


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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