Passion and Enthusiasm is the Secret Ingredient for the Success of BDHSPhotography

The sense of enjoyment in doing what you love cannot be overlooked. And this is precisely what happened in his case. He made it a point to put his passion into conversion to his profession, and despite all the rough days, he is enjoying pursuing it. He is well versed in photography and videography and is also known for his influencer fashion photoshoots—the man behind BDHSPhotography— Burzin.

To move away from the most picked future options and choose one’s passion requires heaps of courage. Even with rapid progress and evolution, there still doesn’t exist a secure and sought-after structure for pursuing passions such as photography and similar activities. BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY, too had a lot of dire problems and hardships, but not giving up was the only solution. Standing tough and strong is what Burzin, founder of BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY and the man behind the lens.

Going out and out for one aim and giving your all is one skill that one can imbibe from him, which he did to overcome difficulties. Along the way, Burzin has learnt various kinds of photography, and this wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for something you love doing, which in his case was photography and videography. He’s talked about how passionate he is about photography and videography, which has led to new opportunities for him after a series of trials and errors. He is a walking testament to proving one’s passion. He named his services BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY, which stands for Behind DH Scenes Photography. BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY revolves around photography and videography, for which the firm is widely known. Investing every bit of his effort, Burzin proved that with dedication and passion, anything is possible.

Early in his childhood days, he developed an interest in photography and videography. Still, he actually turned this into reality by turning it into a full-time profession in the year 2019. Since then, it has been a long journey on which he has climbed every step of progress. He has done various photo shoots for different people from different industries, and he’s also done photo shoots for various brands as well. Serving various niché, Burzin, since the inception of BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY, has made a considerable consumer base with over 99.9% satisfaction rate and has also gained loyal and repeated clients. This has all been possible because of his efforts and dedication to providing only excellent customer service.

It’s been three years that he’s been doing photography and videography, but every time he puts his heart into it. One reason that could be said for this is that he’s doing something that he loves. He has done various photoshoots, and the ones that stand out include; Photoshoots for one of the contestants of Mrs India 2018. He’s also collaborated with different brands to deliver the best of his services, and a few of them are Nanavati Citrone Surat, Nanavati Jeep Surat, Audi Surat, etc. One thing that he had given special attention to was being creative day by day, which has always motivated him to beat his previous one. And in this continuous improvement, he’s crossed various milestones and made a name for himself. It takes all of your confidence to stand with choices that are still not considered to be ones in which a future can be seen, and he is a living example of confidence and determination to prove worth one’s choices. It was not tailor-made for him; he had to carve his way out independently. 

But the whole journey also reciprocated his efforts with learning for him and his achievements. Constant improvement and keeping the spirit of hard work are two things that helped him reach where he is.

He aims to grow bigger and expand his services and BDHSPHOTOGRAPHY. Burzin is continuously working hard to provide the best quality services and capturing the moments with his camera.

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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