OPDSure Joins Digital Hospital Initiative and India’s Companies Growth Club (ICGC)

OPDSure, India’s 1st company to provide OPD Insurance services, has taken a significant step towards making healthcare more accessible and affordable in the country by joining the “Digital Hospital Initiative.” In addition, OPDSure has become a member of India’s Companies Growth Club (ICGC), marking a pivotal moment in its growth, development, and scale.

Both initiatives are spearheaded by Conlang International, a renowned name in the realm of innovation and development.

The Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signing ceremony between OPDSure and Conlang International solidified their partnership in the Digital Hospital Initiative and the membership of India’s Companies Growth Club. Present at the event were notable figures including Shri Kunal Prakash, Founder & MD of Conlang International; Shri Umesh Gangadhar, CEO of OPDSure; Shri Alok Tiwari, CEO of Conlang International; and Smt. Jyoti Bhaskar, CSO of OPDSure.

The Digital Hospital Initiative aims to establish the world’s first series of Digital Hospitals, revolutionizing healthcare delivery by offering affordable, accessible, and quality services both online and offline. This initiative seeks to be the primary point of contact for individuals seeking healthcare services, especially targeting underserved communities.

Exploring India’s Companies Growth Club (ICGC):

India’s Companies Growth Club (ICGC) is a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering the growth and development of companies operating in India. Through membership in ICGC, OPDSure stands to benefit immensely by gaining access to resources, networking opportunities, mentorship, and support tailored to accelerate its growth trajectory. This platform serves as a catalyst for startups and established companies alike, providing them with the necessary tools and guidance to thrive in India’s dynamic business landscape.

Revolutionizing India’s Startup System with ICGC:

ICGC represents a paradigm shift in India’s startup ecosystem by providing a structured framework for companies to navigate challenges and capitalize on opportunities for growth. As a key player in India’s growth story, ICGC fosters innovation, entrepreneurship, and sustainable development, thereby contributing significantly to the nation’s economic progress and global competitiveness.

Voices of the Leaders:

Shri Kunal Prakash, Founder & MD of Conlang International: “We are thrilled to welcome OPDSure into the Digital Hospital Initiative and India’s Companies Growth Club, further advancing our mission of revolutionizing healthcare and fostering sustainable growth in India.”

Shri Umesh Gangadhar, CEO of OPDSure: “Joining forces with Conlang International through these initiatives will enable us to expand our reach and impact in the healthcare sector, ultimately benefiting millions of individuals across India.”

Shri Alok Tiwari, CEO of Conlang International: “The collaboration between OPDSure and Conlang International signifies our shared commitment to driving innovation and accessibility in healthcare, setting a new standard for industry collaboration and growth.”

Smt. Jyoti Bhaskar, CSO of OPDSure: “This association marks a significant milestone for OPDSure, positioning us to leverage Conlang International’s expertise and resources to enhance our capabilities and better serve our patients.”

The partnership between OPDSure and Conlang International marks a significant milestone in the journey towards accessible, affordable, and quality healthcare in India. By joining forces through the Digital Hospital Initiative and India’s Companies Growth Club, both entities are poised to drive innovation, accessibility, and sustainable growth in the healthcare sector. This collaboration not only underscores the commitment of OPDSure and Conlang International to revolutionize healthcare delivery but also highlights the transformative potential of strategic alliances in advancing India’s healthcare landscape. With a shared vision and collective efforts, they are poised to make a lasting impact on the lives of millions, ultimately shaping a healthier and more prosperous future for India.

Durvesh Yadav

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