Must do things before joining a B-school: – 

First of all, congratulations on your convert colleges! You have successfully aced the first phase of entering your MBA journey, you should celebrate for sure but not rest for the journey has just begun and you have many milestones to achieve to finally make it to the best placements. 

Keep in mind your why to do an MBA. You are the customer of your MBA college, be sell-able. They want a professional who is well-rounded enough to study at their institute, perform well and be easy to be placed (hence, they give a huge emphasis on work and character). Meanwhile, before joining your MBA college, utilize your time in doing killer internships and grab as much certifications as possible. 

In order to be sell-able you might want to found these things in your personality:

  1. Your Professional USP-  you need to discover what you are good at if you don’t know it still in the 2 months that you have got before your college commences. Sit with your talent and make business out of it, build it that way and then take it to the moon.
  2. Extra-curricular activities are not your USPs, they are your talents and this is the best time to take them to another level too, along with your professional USP.
  3. Why did you build up the hobby that you have? This question needs a clear answer, it says a lot about one’s personality traits hence, common question any panel could ask you so build a story regarding how you landed up with your hobby, tell them your why. Tell them your niche.
  4. Why is your hobby important to you?
  5. What have you done to achieve your goals, pursue your interests.
  6. Highlight yourself. Here we don’t mean to brag about yourself because it shows a big red flag, what we mean is tell them about your depth of knowledge, your instincts and your inherent passion. Back all of this with relevant examples from your real life experiences that led into enlightening yourself about the attributes that you possess.
  7. Have a USP crowd around you. Write down your skills that you have on a piece of paper, work on them in relation to these two categories. Category 1- Your inner crowd. This will have all the private level of attributes that you have as a person e.g. empathy, leadership, amiability etc. Category 2- Your outer crowd. This possesses every professional trait that you have e.g. tech skills, professional skills, communication skills, customer centricity etc.
  8. Dream companies. Decide your top 4 companies and see are you aligned according to your company demands based upon your present inner and outer skills. Reach out to the HR of those companies and ask for mentorship, ask what skills they are looking for in professionals.

Always remember, you are doing MBA to hone your USP and the traits you have, it’s a professional degree. Hope this helps!

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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