MTTV INDIA Presents 100-India’s Iron Man Awards -2022

We honour The Man in India Who Did a Great Job In Their Field. We believe that every great work or workers deserve recognition for their commitment to excellence and praise for their contribution to the country.

On this Father’s Day, MTTV INDIA honoured 100 IRON MAN Awardees from 5000 nominations from across India. 

Yes, it’s that time of year again: outstanding awards, breath-taking performances, passionate speeches, of it all!

MTV India presents “India’s Iron Man Awards -2022”, which are being held to give persons performing extraordinary work in many disciplines on a national stage. This is a platform where all of the awards and participants can interact with one another. We provide everyone with an opportunity to show up their skills.

Ashish Vyas, the Director of MTTV INDIA News Media and the 100 India’s Iron Men Awards Organizer, stated that all those talents who have exceptional talent would be acknowledged and rewarded through this

Platform. These profiles are selected for the awards. Congratulations to all Awardees…

1. Samir Kumar Saha

IIMA – Inspiring Social Activist of the Year- 2022

Samir Saha is presently working in a paint manufacturing company named J.K. Protomax Pvt. Ltd. as a Logistics Manager. Despite having a busy schedule, last year, on 13Jun’21, he formed an NGO named Sokolai Sakaler Sathi, of which heb is holding the position of President. During this one year of the NGO’s inception, firstly, they have distributed rations to 1500 Yash cyclone-affected families in Sundarban, West Bengal. Secondly, on the event of Teacher’s Day, they have distributed 2000 no.s of saplings through the hands of children in Kolkata. Finally, on the auspicious occasion of Durga Puja, they distributed clothes to approx 1300 people in two villages in Gosaba, West Bengal.



(Human Rights & Social Work )

The people’s Iron man, Motivator&Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia.

Motivational Speaker National level Peace Worker Human Rights & Social Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia. Nationally & internationally known Dynamic & Hardcore Activist &Thought leader Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia from Assam.

This Activist cum Social Reformer roam/ move around pan India to reestablish Peace & Humanity through his ground zero motivation, human rights & social works. Activist Dr Saikia is always on a mission to create anti-superstition, anti-witch hunting, anti-drugs, and anti-terrorism campaigning. More than the last two decades, he rescued nearly 160 witch victims & raised his voice against social evils. He is always standing like a pillar towards needy people & facing many unwelcomed situations, and saved several attacks.

Motivator & Activist Dr Dibyajyoti Saikia till now achieved 109 national &/International level awards & 4 numbers of National & World records for his thousands of campaigns for peace & humanity.

It is even more impressive because he changed thousands of lives through his powerful works & motivational speech. Now a day’s, so many people call him the Iron Man of the country.

Dr. Ashok Azad

IIMA – Sahitya Maha Ratan Of The Year- 2022

Dr Ashok Azad has had the qualities of Sahitya Sadhna since childhood, he started the work of writing literature in 1992, and the first book Shabab-o-Shayari was published in 1997. Azad’s writing work continues even today.

Dr Azad has given more importance to education in life and constantly explains the importance of education in his lectures. The main qualities of social service have been present in him since childhood. He is also continually doing social service, apart from writing. He has also received many awards for social service. Dr Azad, who is rich in versatility, is always ready to work hard and choose the path only where the path is difficult. Dr Azad is an extraordinary inspiration for literature and social service.

4. Dr Manish Das 

IIMA – Best Author of the Year- 2022

Dr Manish Das is awarded “Best Author Of The Year-2022”. He wrote the book ‘Asam Municipal Co-operation act 2022, through which local people get to know about the municipal act. 

Advocate Dr Manish Das son of Late Kulendra Das, Former ACF in Assam Forest and Mrs Rupali Baruah Das, An Entrepreneur cum Career Counsellor cum Social Worker from Dibrugarh, Assam. Adv. Dr Manish Das Set a World Record for the longest page of Curriculum Vitae. He submitted his curriculum vitae of 61 pages. He guided about 3000 students free of cost through career counselling. He, with his law knowledge, provided justice to many poor/needy families without any cost.

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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