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Day Stay Packages – Travel Re-invented 

Charging customers for an entire day or on a per night basis has always been the thumb rule for hotels across the globe. Minibreaks is an urban technology company that came to life to empower the Indian traveller with the solution of paying only for used hours with all-inclusive selections to experience room along with other hotel amenities like Restaurant, Bar, Spa, all at one click and you relish an ideal experience during your stay. 

According to a recent study, it has been brought to notice that most of the people on a working day in business cities check into a hotel only by evening and check-out in the morning by 11 Am and there is 7-8 hours gap which hotels can utilize for those un-occupied hours in the market and get reimbursed for the same and not only the room but there are other amenities of the hotel which is majorly used by in-house guests staying overnight and only 20% of people use these services even if the hotel is at 100% occupancy which limits revenue source, which has accompanying opportunities of increasing TREVpar (total Revenue) from a room if these things are showcased to guest as a feature and not only room the hotel can generate revenue from its facilities too. 

Fostered from the spores of a single great idea – to empower the traveller -Minibreaks helps you in finding a perfect break from the daily hustle. Founded in the year 2020 by Sandeep Srivastava & Sunil Lodhi the company has upraised funds too to elevate the idea to a mass target audience. Sandeep is a veteran in the Travel industry with 19 years of proficiency in Sales, Revenue Management, Start-up management, and Sunil a mainframe gizmo in building strategies, start-up projects, visual and digital communications, designing, and usability of Web, Mobile & Tablet User Interfaces.  

Since its creation, the start-up has strived to make day stay hotel bookings available to young millennials, working couples, jovial families, and transit customers.  Minibreaks allows its customers to enjoy a hotel room as well as other services traditionally available to overnight guests only at a discounted price. By giving more people access to these services, Minibreaks is changing the hotel industry, adapting it to the new, more mobile, connected, and demanding way of life we lead today. People can now benefit from hotel spaces to work, for a break, or even what we like to call a “daycation”, enjoying the luxuries of high-end hotels at an affordable price (deluxe rooms, room service, spa…)

Presently we are in 30 cities with 500+ hotels as a preferred partner resolving the need for modern vacationers by creating our space in the Dayuse segment with a multi-booking tool. 
By optimizing the traditional hotel business, Minibreaks. is expanding in major brands and luxury independent hotels that see this opportunity to adapt to our time and multiply their income streams. 

The hospitality industry will scale new heights and see an impact on the utilization of their resources with this revolutionary concept. Minibreaks launches a whole new market segment for both hotels and customers by bringing in the concept of day stay. 

The motto is to believe that nothing is off-limits, to make a mark in today’s economy, Luxury, adventure, fun or pristine, whatever’s your thing, Minibreaks allows you to dip your toes in the spell-binding vacation experience in just a few clicks. Flip the switch and vacay mode on, with Minibreaks it is that simple!Website link – www. minibreaks. in

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