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Mayaa SH

Mayaa SH’s journey is a reminder for us to belief in the power of one’s dreams and never stop questioning the norm. There remains the faith when everything else fails, one can still take the mindset to dare to dream and beat the odds to prove the mettle in oneself. In the interview, Mayaa SH gets candid on what makes women exceptionally well calibred on intelligence, grace and courage…

How would your describe yourself as a person?

By addressing women’s daily challenges and advocating for equal rights, I navigate stress and instill hope through self-help books, especially discussing sensitive issues like suicide prevention.My contemporary prose work highlights onto break so many stereotypes about women and their power of self belief.

What are your perspectives on your podcasts on grammar and mental health awareness?

All writers write and reflect the same from their gut or intuition , so one must always keep energies calm and great so that one is at their highest actualisation of intellect and creativity to share great perspectives based on observation and experience in life .
Mental illness is still a taboo in India. Depression and anxiety distress are commonly dismissed as minor annoyances experienced primarily by the ultra-wealthy. Worse still, people with mental illness tend to hide their problems for fear of being condemned and ostracized by a conservative society .This needs to be addressed and spoken about .

What issues or themes in contemporary literature that do you often explore in your literary works?

Most of my writings emphasise on breaking stereotypes and echo gender inclusivity. I try to deploy direct storytelling, rooted in culture, deeply resonating and reflecting intimate human dilemmas. Fearless transgression of boundaries and ability to voice the feminine perspective is what I believe is an essential force in contemporary literature.

What is your reflection into your record-breaking achievements and how they shaped your mindset?

Most of my accolades stem from the inner belief that the word Impossible emulates “I am Possible”.This is inspired by the fact that Women should take active part in decision making at every level and specific domains that they are related to. When women are living safe, fulfilled and productive lives, they can reach the full potential of their talents and intelligence in life.

What is your understanding on how your discussion on mental health positively impact your listeners and the community?

To achieve the objective of empowering people, youth should be provided with the opportunity to give direction.Successful
individuals in leadership are self-aware because they understand what their values, addictions, habits, personality, and habits are and how much these actions affect them.This is possible only by understanding and valuing self growth alongwith good mental health.

How do you think women can remain courageous at all time inspite of challenges?

Women hold only 28% of all leadership roles in the country compared to their male counterparts. For example, when looking at chief executive officers at Australia’s top 200 companies, women make up only 7% (or 14 out of 200), up slightly from 11 in 2017.If you don’t love yourself, you can’t love anyone else. It is not within everyone’s power to handle oneself and stand strong even in difficult situations. Women who know how to survive even with small things and who know how to pool resources well, show that they are strong. If you are doing your work whole day with a smiling face then it is a sign of a strong woman.If someone rejects some of your work or someone is not able to give you the place in his life that you deserve, then it is cowardice to get worried.The more you face your fears, the more confident and courageous you will become in life.

About the Author

Mayaa SH also known as Lady Karl Marx and Female Chulbul Pandey is a feminist philosopher , thinker and essayist in 21st century modern India. She is not a typical passive Indian woman who blindly follow the norms that are not meant to uplift women in a more sensitive and rational manner. She is a Mother of championing the power of self belief to an extent that her vision of her philosophy is to give freedom to woman from so called judgements that still plague our society at large.Mayaa SH is a Literary Empowerment Campaigner, an Iconic Contemporary Authoress and Poetess and A Social Activist who has shattered all glass ceilings and barriers to champion the cause of Gender Equality and Neutrality .Best known for her work in Swayam , she is Championer of Women’s Rights, Authoress, Public Intellectual, and a former corporate juggernaut, Mayaa SH is a recognised crusader on Indian’s contemporary verve of economics, freedom of the press, gender neutrality and human rights.Mayaa SH is a known name in contemporary literature and is a multi National and State Award Winner,a Podcaster, an Artist ,a Record Chart Topping International Fastest Anthology Co-Author and a ten times World Record Holder. She is driven by passion to write and compose. She has love for grammar and mental health awareness by engaging in talk as remedial navigation through any situation. She always tries to look for ways to merge the two. She is an avid enthusiast for the three C’s : Character , Charisma and Chivalry. Be it, writing; debating or counselling; she makes sure to dedicate time to every such field wherein the reach is extensive and dedicated towards people in order to make her dreams reach countless souls. She is a suicide prevention expert .

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