Mahesh Mankar – From A Bank Clerk to India’s Finest Entrepreneur & Best Astrologer

Mahesh Mankar is an astrologer, Vastu expert, and a numerologist based out of Nagpur, India. He is known widely for his work, especially among Bollywood celebrities and renowned personalities. Mahesh’s journey is full of motivations and hardships. It all began when he was a child studying in 8th Standard. This was when he lost his father and was raised by a single mother. Mahesh says, “After my father’s death, we saw various problems. My mom struggled to raise me, but she never gave up, and despite everything, she never complained about problems.

Problems were so deeply engraved in their lives that Mahesh started thinking about them regularly. He noticed all the difficulties he was facing, and when he saw that the society as a whole was facing hardships in their lives, he started thinking about how he could solve them? A question that came into his head was how can he help these people solve their problems and help them lead a calm, joyful, and peaceful life. Mahesh was sure that he wanted to solve people’s problems. The only question to which he was finding the answer was— How?

The answer soon came in the 10th Standard when Mahesh and his mother went to an astrologer, and there, he saw people opening up and sharing their problems. When Mahesh’s turn came, he was intrigued by how precisely and correctly the astrologer was narrating events of life that took place. It was then that he decided that he wanted to be an astrologer. He states, “That was the first time I realised how important planetary positions are and how huge their role is in our lives.” He grew interested in astrology, and his plan to hear out problems and solve them came true as he saw what astrology was and what astrologers did. 

He then underwent training and took mentorship under a celebrity astrologer who guided him, taught him the basics, and made him a capable person. He did internships, and when he was taught basics and Mahesh understood the crux of astrology. He was given clients to counsel, and he did those assignments very well. It was all happening at a very young age – at an age when his peers were enjoying, playing games, and watching movies. Mahesh was busy turning his dream into the reality of helping people and solving their problems. He shares that his most outstanding achievement was the time when people were getting instant results, and his clients would come and thank him. “It felt good. I felt like I was now able to help people, and this thought made me happy,” says Mahesh.

After analysing his own Kundli, Mahesh saw that there is a scope of a government job, and he would easily make it out. Hence he gave it a change and tried nationalised baking via the Institute of Banking Personal Selection (IBPS), and he prepared for 6 months only. He recalls and says, “my maths was good, I was interested in studies and was a studious child therefore, I did not face any problem doing mathematics, logical reasoning or thinking. My English was also good, which gave me a plus point while preparing for the examination. I cleared the examination by 6 months of preparation and was allotted a good national bank.” Mahesh worked as a banker for a year, but while working as a banker, he didn’t find the peace that he did while he was an astrologer; to put in his words— ‘the kick was missing.’

After working for over a year in a bank, Mahesh made a difficult decision to follow his passion for astrology again. People would often visit him with sorrow and tears in their eyes, and they would exit with a happy and relieved heart. The results were 100%, and this made him more famous. Only on the basis of mouth publicity, he has hundreds of clients and a network that regards and respects Mahesh. 

Mahesh Mankar guides, mentors, and understands what one is going through and what would work best for them. He also hosts sessions and webinars where he shares his experiences and knowledge. He not only provides a solution to your every problem, but he also explains why one should have to follow that particular solution that makes him more reliable and trustworthy. 

His clientele includes Indian celebrities, Indian politicians, and a lot of other renowned personalities.

He owns an e-commerce platform having 10000+ monthly buyers –  The Occult Store that operates and provides Gemstone Products such as Crystal Products., Rudraksh Products, Vastu Shastra Products, Healing Products, Semi-precious stones, and a lot more. The Occult store has become a huge chain that currently values 125cr without any funding.

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