DVP Music World has grown and groomed to be one of the fastest-growing YouTube channels in the past years.

We have made more than 60 album songs covering almost all family relations. Our content includes songs on Friends, Family, Parents, Brother-Sister, friends, Daughter.

Our content is unique and loved by people as each song’s words and feel are emotional, beautiful, and sung at ease. We have tried doing something new that drives people’s attention. The content we make is not restricted to any age group. Families can sit together on the couch and watch our content. 

Cool right?

Who are We?

We are a family of three Father, Son and the beautiful Daughter In Law. Sounds crazy, right? Surprisingly, we all ended up having the same passion and interest towards singing, and we all wanted to make the most out of it but together. 

If you all want to know how this happened, let me tell you.

So one day, we all sat down and thought, “aren’t we all bored of our daily routines to the office?”

We came to the conclusion that we should record songs.

That random idea bought us here, and we grew so far as people started liking our content, and their appreciation got us so far that our songs began trending, and now we do Live Shows across the globe. 

Everywhere we travel, or whatever content we make, we try to leave a message on why a Family is significant and why staying together in a family is the need of the hour. As a family, we love what we do together as it makes our bond stronger every day. As they say, “Mazza Sab Ke Saath Hai”.

You may find influencers or stars growing as an individual. Still, this team is very different as it involves a family that eats together, sings together, works together and makes fantastic content together.

The message we want to pass on is relatively clear, and all we want people to learn from on content is to stay with their family and spend quality time with them.

We are thankful to god our choosing us as a family and bringing us here.

The support of people is unmatched, and we only wish for their continuous motivation.

We have a far way to go with all our blessings and strive to achieve more success in the near future.

What boomed our channel the most?

We had uploaded a song on Friendship Day called “Yaara Mujhe Jaldi Mil” that touched million hearts. More than 1M views across youtube and more than 3 Lakh Reels on Instagram made by many Celebrities as well. After we released this song, our channel and our other social media channels groomed and grew.

This journey has not been easy.

We have worked really hard and still working harder to achieve success and fame. How different or what are the new things we are giving our followers to watch and listen to is our vision each day.

All those reading this …

Keep watching our content at DVP music world on YouTube, Instagram, Facebook and keep loving us❤️


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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