Launched by two young women: NewBoo, a Hyderabad based sustainable startup taking on diapering giants

In the age of sustainability and a growing zero plastic environment, a new startup focusing on reducing landfill waste has been born.  ‘NewBoo’, a brand manufacturing baby diapers and other newborn essentials, is revolutionizing the way diapers are used in India.  Their diapers are washable and reusable thus eliminating the need for 3300+ disposable diapers per baby in a span of three years. Throughout the baby’s growing years, only 12-16 nos of NewBoo’s organic reusable diapers are needed.

Parents have begun to use langotas and pure cotton to cover their babies again because of the cultural affinity India has for cloth. In fact, around 10% of India’s parents have started to adopt reusable cloth diapers and this number is growing every day.

The beginning of a sustainable journey

In their twenties, Shreya Chadalavada and Jahnavi Reddy put an end to their corporate careers and embarked on a mission to make a difference after they learned about the hidden truths of the disposable diaper industry.

“When I heard that each baby needs around 3300+ non-biodegradable disposable diapers that are filled with harmful chemicals and plastics, I knew we had to find a better solution for our Indian parents and our Earth,” said Shreya Chadalavada.

Each disposable diaper takes 500+ years to decompose – meaning that the first disposable diaper ever worn is still lying in our landfills somewhere. During the first two to three years, each baby produces the amount of sanitary waste equivalent to the weight of a rhinoceros (900kgs). Multiply this by the tens of thousands of babies born in India, and we are well on our way to creating a giant toxic wasteland.

 Looking beyond

Using a direct-to-consumer business model, they can offer parents the best prices and help them save money. Their reusable diapers help parents save 70% on diapering costs.

India’s total diapering market is expected to touch $2.22 Bn by 2027. Although currently largely unorganized, reusable diapers will contribute to a significant chunk of this market. “We want to become a household brand name by building awareness about reusable cloth diapers, and offering modern, effective solutions to Indian parents,” said Shreya Chadalavada, adding that the company is constantly innovating on fit, absorbency & new products.

Elaborating on the solution, Shreya mentions that their reusable waterproof diapers are the first completely chemical-free in the market and are made from 100% cloth i to match Pampers nighttime absorbency of 12+hrs.

The ultimate solution for the Indian Parent

The founders believe that ‘reusable’ is the future, especially in the Indian diapering industry as their diapers are able to provide a solution to all the pain points of customers using disposable diapers i.e. high prices, chemical & plastic filled, and harsh on the environment.

According to the founders, ‘NewBoo’ strives to achieve over INR 100 Cr revenue by the end of 2027, and bring sustainable baby products to every Indian household and as they say products that are only the best for your boo, and that every Mama & Papa Boo will love!

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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