Kerala Naturals – As pure as Nature

India is developing as one of the strongest Asian markets for organic and natural cosmetics. There has been an apparent shift and a high demand for organic and natural products. Making an eco-friendly choice and choosing a lifestyle that respects mother earth is not just a consumer choice but also the manufacturers’ belief.

Producing products that don’t hurt the environment but instead fulfil consumers’ needs has been the aim of ‘Kerala Naturals’, a Kerala-based organization. It has introduced natural ingredients extracted and refined in order to promote well-being and good health.

Kerala Naturals” is a Sole Proprietorship based entity of Mathew Joseph which is headquartered at Kadanad, a small village of Kottayam, Kerala with well-equipped facilities of manpower and machinery since 2012. The products of Kerala Naturals are manufactured maintaining international standards with benchmark international certifications like Organic, ISO, GMP, etc. With a humble beginning, it started its journey with only 3 nutraceutical products focusing mainly on foreign marketplaces. With time, today they are dealing with more than 80 products of different categories such as spices, herbs, beauty products, organic products, Ayurvedic products, Honey, Handicrafts etc. at an affordable price through different e-commerce websites. With confident moves, they have been able to build up our brand’s success in the country and abroad. What differentiates Kerala Naturals – “As pure As Nature”-is the ‘PURITY’ of their products.

Kerala Naturals uses 100 % genuine products. This has led to them becoming the leading retail ecommerce exporter in Kerala since inception. Customers who have used their product vouch for the purity and quality. 

The organization has two more brands, namely Preethy’s Boutique – a store exclusively for beauty products, and Kanan Naturale . People can buy pure and organic spices, which the company collects directly from the farmers of Western Ghats. Customers can buy in customized quantities at an affordable price according to their requirements. We have also come up with corporate gifting that puts together a specially crafted collection of spices, herbs, and beauty products, for its employees according to the requirements of corporates.

Its entire women-oriented team, whose continuous and tireless effort has resulted in a steep rise for the name of Kerala Naturals in the business world. 

“We make conscious effort to train, support and empower women employees. We focus on developing skillset as trained and qualified people are not available easily. It is one of our goals to have more women in leadership role and we want to be a place to nurture them” says Mathew Joseph.

Kerala Naturals aims to have a productive and successful year ahead by meeting the customers’ demands. As a part of it we had launched an exclusive store for spices under the brand name ‘Kanan  Naturale’. Also we are coming up with new varieties of herbal products in the market. In five years, our goal is to expand our warehouse to different states and countries so that we can have faster delivery and increase our customer’s satisfaction area. 

Kerala Naturals is a true example of entrepreneurship who can thrive even in the smallest of the villages and make global footprints.





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