Kausty on The Future of YouTube Platform and What YouTube Creators Should Know

You are on Instagram as imkausty (Content Creator) with around 10k+ followers. Why do Instagram and YouTube work well together? To describe this, I feel Instagram is a visual social network that compliments YouTube.You can create sound bites from your YouTube videos to gather interest for your video. Also, Hashtags make it easy to add your content to the Instagram conversation. Instagram Stories are a great way to show behind the scenes of your video. And at the end, I feel engagement on Instagram is higher than on other social channels, so it’s a wise place to grow your social platform. 

Kausty, what do you have to say about Short Videos and their future?

A report suggests that India’s short video consumption is on the rise and might surge to 650 million by 2025 due to multiple reasons. During 2018 and 2020, the online video user base in the country has risen to over 350 million people. The rate at which this rise has taken place is about twice as fast as other major markets such as China. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, when everyone was compelled to stay and work from home. In such a situation, people rely on the internet for entertainment and socializing, consuming videos in the process. Kausty states that the total time spent by users on short-form videos has increased by almost 10-12 times in the past few years. The audience for this is largely men from Tier-2 cities and smaller towns, but the demography is changing and now also includes viewers from metros and an increased percentage of women as well. 

Kausty, what’s your take on the Impact of YouTube in India? 

Economic Impact: According to a report released by YouTube, the YouTube creative ecosystem contributed Rs. 6800 crores to the Indian GDP in 2020. 

Professional Impact: 63% of creative entrepreneurs agreed that YouTube had helped them land paid opportunities outside the platform. 80% of content creators agree that YouTube has had a substantial positive impact on their professional growth. 

India is slowly opening up to the idea of content creation as a legitimate profession. The increasing demand for content during the pandemic has made it clear how much dependent modern society is on digital platforms. With 122M+ daily users logging more than a billion watch hours per day, YouTube has become the second most popular search engine on the internet. 

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