JSR Production House is here again, to make their fans happy with their new movie ‘Mussoriie Boyz’

An inside look at the new movie ‘Mussoriie Boyz’ by JSR Production House.

JSR Production House, a Dehradun based film production company is situated in Devbhoomi, Uttarakhand is set to unveil Mussoriie Boyz, their upcoming big project, The film stars a bunch of young talent who will be seen playing the lead roles in the film.

 ‘Mussoriie Boyz’ a mega project of the Uttarkhand Film industry is in the process of shooting. More than half of the movie is completed and the best part of the movie is that Its production, pre-production, post-production is shot entirely in laps of Uttarkhand covering all the major places where one can find a plethora of things to do and enjoy. With an ensemble cast of talented actors and crew, the film promises to be a delight for all the viewers. 

JSR is a well-established production firm nestled among Uttarakhand’s lovely and breathtaking hills. They began our journey on November 11th, 2017 intending to make an everlasting effect through our motion flicks, songs, and other media. They have grown in a short period under the leadership of Mr Jaswant Rawat, Chairman-JSR Group, and have emerged as one of India’s greatest production houses.

The film revolves around four friends who come from different backgrounds but are strongly bonded with each other, since school days. The four friends Vicky (a Superstar) Chaudhary (our typical Gujjar Bhai), Sodhi (the Punjabi Power Peg), and Panda (that funny, chubby friend), brings them back together through a reunion trip to Mussoorie, the home of all their memories. The story starts with climax advances in Mussoorie, where the four leads of the film are on a reunion trip. 

There they rediscover themselves and realize what they have been missing out on in life amidst their busy schedules. This story takes you on a roller coaster ride as they stumble upon new adventures, a love story, and a better secret left undiscovered.

With an unexpected turn of events, the trip becomes more than just a nostalgic, scenic, and relaxing throwback, making it as unforgettable and exciting as the friendship that binds these four boys together. The film also defies traditional relationship and friendship stereotypes.

Prashil Rawat and Naina Singh are collaborating on a song that will be the first to depict the merger of Garhwali and Hindi. The song was shot in Mussoorie’s most beautiful locations and will be released soon on YouTube, Spotify, Saavn, Gaana, and other major online music platforms.

Furthermore, JSR Production House, together with its sister firms TVZ Production and VHS Media LLP, is well-prepared and has several exciting projects in the works. This year, a singing reality show will be held, which will provide a multitude of opportunities for Uttarakhand’s brilliant kids. Following that, there’s Netra and Fugitive, which feature huge names like Sanjay Mishra, Pradeep Rawat, and Zareena Wahaab and are set to be among their next big projects after Mussoriie Boyz and 72 Hours.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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