It’s hard to be an Entrepreneur in 20s, but someone has to do it

Anas Pathan 24, born in Kota Rajasthan, son of Amin Pathan. As his father’s oldest son, he runs the entire firm and expands it globally. Anas Pathan, a successful entrepreneur and, the director of Arba Sports Services LLC (Dubai), Director- Anantpura Sports Event pvt. , Joint Secretary-Kota District Cricket  Association.

He is a well- known figure in INDIA for his worldwide commercial success in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. He is the pride of RAJASTHAN. As he belongs to KOTA, RAJASTHAN.
He is effectively running his firm in Dubai and India and that to his entrepreneurial talents and hard work at such a young age.

Achieving fame, wealth, and positive social status is not that easy. He had worked so hard to earn all these things. His perseverance and commitment to his objectives have led him to this point. Although everyone can see, only a few people have genuine vision, a vision of success, a vision of determination.

Like father like son he has a great interest in cricket, his father Mr Amin Pathan is Vice President of Rajasthan Cricket Association and Director of the Rajwada Cricket League (RCL). A very reputed and famous cricket league of india.

Anas Pathan is not just a goal-oriented businessman, but also a human with a golden heart and a lot of humility. He is a social activist who promotes growth in his city in order to benefit his neighbourhood.

 He never missed the opportunity to serve  humanity with his compassion. He had always participated to social work with great dedication  and enthusiasm. He is a man who is truthful and genuine.
During COVID lockdowns, he has done great work by helping poor people where everyone is enjoying quarantine time, Anas Pathan was serving needy people, providing them with food and sanitisation to their houses. We’ve also seen him on political programmes  because his father, Mr. Amin Pathan, was the State Minister of Rajasthan,and Currently he is Chairman of Dargah Committee Dargah Khwaja Garib Nawaz Saheb. ( Govt. Of India )

 He credits his illustrious achievement entirely to his adoring father. He regards his father as a source of support and enjoys a close relationship with him. He got married in 2021 with tremendous pomp and bash. Many Bollywood celebrities also gathered to wish him well.

 He always keeps a balance between his professional and personal life. He likes to spend  his quality with family . He is an active social media user, you can follow Anas Pathan on Instyagram  @anas_pathan_01 He has Millons followers.  He has so many friends from Bollywood and some famous Instagram influencers  Anas Pathan says ”Excellence requires dedication.  You can’t have anything unless you make a

 commitment. Everyone can tell when you’re  serious about something. When you make a  commitment, everything else seems to fall into  place. The day you decide to become an  entrepreneur is the day you begin your adventure.”

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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