How to build and market a profitable Brand, Learn from Anand SP, Brand Marketing Expert

This is an attempt to show the right way for small and startup companies to grow sustainably. I created this using what I learned in my 12 years of experience. They taught this to more than 200 entrepreneurs and got the right benefits. 

How to grow the business sustainably? How to consistently increase profits? These two questions were the most important question among startup entrepreneurs. To make up for this, I created this “Brand Marketing Funnel System” ( BMFS). I am happy and proud to share with you that this has spawned success among many entrepreneurs. 

Well, before we look at what this “Brand Marketing Funnel System” (BMFS) is, let us briefly look at what it is like to start and run a business. To run a good business, we need customers. That customer must become a loyal customer to us, and then a customer must come to us through this loyal customer. If this continues, any business will grow sustainably. 

I’m Anand SP, a Brand Marketing Expert working with 100+ Small & Medium Businesses for around 12 years. I found MSMEs Startup entrepreneurs not getting the right profit, they have so many problems in scaling up, and they are not growing as a big BRAND. I asked this question to some MSME owners. 

Why are you not concentrating on becoming a brand? They asked me Why I should become a brand?? 

I answered this question: Brands can only get the right profit for their products. Brands can fix a market trend and market price.

 If you build a business, it gives you profit. If you create a brand, it gives you people. People are always more potent than profit. 

A brand is not just creating people around you. A brand always creates a Loyal Customer. To run a successful brand from generation to generation, you need only the loyal customer. 

To generate loyal customer is harder than making a profit. To simplify that, I had created this funnel system to get a righter Loyal Customer to any Business. When you get more loyal customers, then you become a Brand. 

To get more loyal customers, you can Master this Funnel system that I have created, especially for MSMEs. The funnel system is called as “Brand Marketing Funnel System” (BMFS) 

BMFS – consists of 3 major systems, including six macro processes and 30 micro-processes. 

The 3 Major system is 1. Learn

 2. Like

 3. Loyal 

The first system is “Learn.”

 As an entrepreneur, you need to learn about the brand you’re building. This system consists of 3 Process Called 

1. Brand Process

 2. Product Process

 3. Marketing Process 

Number one is you yourself understand the Brand you build, then the product or service you provide to the people then understand the people or the Market is the final process. 

The second major system is “Like” it consists of 2 Major processes called 

1. Result Process 2. Feel Process 

The result you are giving to the customer, those who believe in your brand, are more important than making a profit. Businesses providing the accurate results that they promise only can become a brand. Then the feel factor, right impact to a right consumer, will create a right fell. So, emotions need to be measured. This is the essential part of building a brand. Feelings that your brand gives to the customer is generating more loyal customers. The brand becomes a brand when it gives the right feeling to the customers. 

The third major System is the “Loyal” System – here, you segregate the good feeling happy, loyal customers and create a community. It can be a WhatsApp group or a Facebook group do continuously helps them to choose the right product from you for the better solution. 

I have created 50+ successful brands locally in Tamil Nadu using this BMFS, and still growing. If you want to create a better brand, join my Liberty Leadership community. 


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