How This Girl Broke All The Rules To Build A Successful Business In 7 Months During COVID

Three years ago, HarSimran Kaur’s life turned upside down from studying in a top college to working as a primary school teacher at a monthly salary of 3000 rupees. But it wasn’t her choice. 

HarSimran is from a well-to-do family, and her dad had a raving business. So everything was going like a happily ever after movie until demonetization hit. This one incident break the back of her dad’s business, and things get even worse with further amendments in-laws like GST. 

Their situation kept getting worse, and she and her siblings had to drop their school and college. All this happened very suddenly, and she lost her self-confidence. The fact that she has dropped her studies made her feel that she is worth nothing. 

HarSimran starts feeling that she is entirely unemployable. But the financial situation of her family demanded her to do something as soon as possible. Therefore, she accepted an offer at whatever amount was offered by a nearby school. 

She started working at the school, but deep down, her gut always told her that she should not settle for less. HarSimran grew up hearing stories about business people. Her dad always said that she is not made to take orders from someone else, and she is a born businesswoman. 

This one thought that her dad ingrained in her kept her thriving during adversities. This one idea made sure that she will not settle for less. Time passed by, but she had no idea what to do. Her family lost all her fortune to destiny, and now their jobs were not enough to support a dream and family together. 

Things kept on getting worse with a job change. HarSimran got an offer for a double salary than her present one. She thought that her prayers were listened to without any idea that her life would only be more difficult. The new school she joined was terrible ethically and morally. Even spending a single moment in that school was difficult for her. 

But now, because she was getting paid double, her family’s financial situation was better, and she didn’t want to worsen them again. Every day at that school was wrenching her soul. 

However, precisely after seven months and 22 days, a miracle happened, the LOCKDOWN. While the pandemic hit hard, the whole world came out as a boon for her family. 

As the schools went online, she got enough time to do something of her own. And this was the time when her prayers were answered. During her free time within the first week of lockdown, she found out what she can do to improve her situation. 

As everything was getting online, she decided that she would also be doing some digital business because all she had was a laptop. She loved reading and writing from her childhood, and soon she figured out that she can do freelance writing and earn well. 

And this one decision changed her life forever. She started freelance writing, and within seven months, she scaled it to an entire content marketing agency. Right now, HarSimran is writing for the world’s top professional coaching services Consulting. Alongside she secured successful projects with many international companies like Ylemer, Boster Biotechnologies. 

She started her online business with zero rupees, and now she is helping entrepreneurs from across the globe to generate more sales with the help of clever content marketing. 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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