Glan – one of the fastest growing D2C brands of India – ‘Make in India’ company taking heads on with Multinationals. 

Glan was formed by the young couple in small town of Nashik Tejashree & Rohan with an intention of making ‘hygiene a birth right of every citizen’ in 2019. Tejashree (co-founder) of the company says “after traveling countries for many years, we found that there is a gap in the cleaning & hygiene segment of India wherein a very few Indian brands are available that provide complete range of cleaning and hygiene products. With vision in mind of creating a brand which provides complete solution in cleaning and hygiene, we started the R&D in 2017. It took us 2 years to develop and redevelop the products to make it at par with the international brands, We are still reengineering our products every day and getting better and better ”  

Covid was a boon – “with the arrival of Covid-19 in 2020, we foresaw the gap where rates of the cleaning and hygiene products were skyrocketing and the supply was limited. We decided to go the other way – keeping rates of our products as low as possible and satisfying the need of the market with availability of wide range of products became our primary focus. We were blessed with the support of like-minded staff, suppliers and delivery partners who really aligned with our thought process and we were able to deliver our promise of ‘Great Products at Amazing Prices’. This really helped us build our brand and reach the local household” said Rohan (co-founder) of the company. 

The company really grew during the pandemic covering appointing 17 distributors across the state of Maharashtra. However, the road ahead wasn’t easy for Glan. With the phasing down of pandemic the sales saturated and competition grew. Tejashree says “We thought it’s a dead end and we had a good run. However, we were supported and guided by our mentor Mr. Rajendra Bagwe. After the rounds of mentoring sessions and discussions we decided the way ahead was D2C – Direct to Customer. We started taking active efforts in increasing our presence on platforms like Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Shopsy, IndustryBuying, etc. It was a slow start however the things started rolling and what started with one order per day, now is picking up” 

Glan is playing big boy against the global players in this category and now has catered close to 3000 pin codes across India. With 4 plus supplier rating on all platforms Glan is growing day by day covering regions across India. With the SKU of over 70 products, Glan provides a complete range in cleaning and hygiene for a special segment of the market. “the journey was tough and the road ahead will be even tougher but we are confident that we will be a name to recognize in this industry in years to come” – Rohan concludes. 

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Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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