Edenz Coin – The new Crypto Coin for all Small and Rural business India

Edenz India develops new decentralised Crypto Currency coins like bitcoin and ETH for all small businesses and services. 

The development of small-scale business depends on Technology, but in rural places, people are not educated well to use the latest technologies for Marketing and developing their business. E-Commerce Marketing Techniques are the most user-friendly technology for business development. The India Economy depends on small-scale business growth from all over India. 

Edenz India Tech And Service is an E-commerce Marketing Company that develops eCommerce mobile applications which is more user-friendly for rural and professional businesses, educational institutions and employment agencies, including retail and travel resources. By Using Cloud computing and Automate Business data using Machine learning for very low cost etc.

Prasanth Natarajan, the founder of Edenz India, developed decentralised e-Commerce mobile applications to connect all businesses from his village using the latest modern data science technique and Cloud tools within a 1 lakh rupees budget. He believes possible to connect 10 Million small-scale businesses and Services around India within 25,000 crores of Indian Money.

Edenz India’s main motive is to develop the Indian economy using all small businesses and Services from rural places. E-commerce Marketing will help to increase 27% of Country economy growth before 2025.

Edenz India requires a large amount of small-scale business from India, so it requires partnership from the biggest companies like Svantra Microfinance, who are managing the economy state level for maximum small-scale business around India. It will reduce 70% of development and implementation costs as well. It is the quickest way to become one of the economically developed countries like America, Europe and India. It Will become the number 1 Country before 2027.

E-India Modern data science Applications are made to connect small-scale businesses and services within one Android Application / Apple Application. Beta Version of Applications are released on Play Store, but still, it is in testing mode. It is expected to release before August 2022 for all Small scale Businesses and Services.

The main motive behind this mission is implicitly to preserve the culture and heritage of the soul of our nation, the rural areas. India has the largest rural population in the entire world, and due to the lack of employment opportunities, most of the rural population is migrating to the urban areas for better opportunities and livelihood conditions. This might lead to inevitable urban poverty, and India might lose its rich heritage in no time. Moved by this fact, Prashanth Natarajan decided to find a way to stop all of this, and that’s the base idea behind the inception of Edenz India.

Edenz Coin, a decentralised coin for all small-scale businesses, is still under development by Edenz India Tech and Services. It will expect to release before 2025 for nearly 10 Million Small businesses and Services. 

Shop keepers and local shops should log in to E-India Applications for Low Costs. They are able to use the crypto coin for products or services within this application.

Website: www.edenzindia.org 


Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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