DrWheelz to pursue a class action against factions involved in the dissemination of hoaxes & rumours

In a press release put out by DrWheelz, a doorstep automobile service platform, the Organisation seeks to clear the air regarding a few misconceived notions and hoaxes spread by alleged miscreants regarding the establishment’s operations along with personal attacks on its CEO, Mr Balaji Mohan. Over the past two months, the company does not deny delays that some of its customers had faced regarding their bookings for various services not being catered to, on time due to certain internal glitches that the organisation had been battling. While these glitches had caused inconvenience to their customers in Bangalore & Chennai, rumours and speculations had been spread by certain entities that DrWheelz have shut shop without prior intimation to its customers in the cities of Bangalore and Chennai. Claims were also made against the Company’s CEO, Mr Balaji Mohan, that he had been muddled with certain run-ins with the law and that the highest law & order governing body had registered fraudulent cases against him.

DrWheelz management strongly refutes and denies these allegations and would like to state that in no way had Operations been ceased. The Company remains completely operational albeit experiencing some delays in functionality which have now been restored as of the 1st of July, 2022 in the cities of Bangalore & Chennai. The allegations made by unrelated parties against the Organisation and its CEO are completely false as the Company and Mr Balaji Mohan both steer clear of any lawsuits against them. 

While addressing the delay in services being provided to its customers who have been affected in the above-mentioned cities, DrWheelz would like to offer their sincerest apologies to those customers and their issues have been duly addressed by providing an extension in their warranty period for the delay along with one additional free General Service that those who have been affected can avail, within their given warranty period. 

While clarification has been provided by the DrWheelz management regarding the hoax and rumours, the organisation strongly condemns the fringe intent and will take the necessary steps to seek justice. DrWheelz strictly maintains a zero-tolerance policy against misinformation that may put its loyal customers through any grievance. For those with any queries regarding their booking for services, the call centre helpline number to contact us +91-7676-717-717 and is functional 24/7.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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