CAT Preparation on Weekends

Weekly Schedule

You have too much time for freshers, so even during your exams, prioritize studying for a minimum of an hour every day for the starters would suffice. 

For working professionals-  This is mainly curated, keeping working professionals in mind. Consider this as a guide to kick-start your CAT preparation. Understand that the brain is a part of your body that is tested in CAT. So sharpening your brain by practicing every day is very important. Weekends are the most important time for professionals who are preparing for CAT. On weekdays, you are burnt out, so leave other priorities, plans, rest, etc., everything that could distract you from your studies. Focus on CAT only for the next few months, and you will thank yourself later on in your life.

Preparation Plan

  • The weekend is the perfect time to give your mock test. Your 1st mock will be an actual CAT paper from the previous year for 2weeks. This makes you face old papers and estimate your SWOT analysis on the topics. 
  • Now that you have your mock test, it is equally important to analyse them too. On weekends, an FMS peer will solve in front of you in the dashboard, and then IIM Lucknow alumni will solve the whole paper in the live class and educate it. 
  • After the analysis, do the consolidation. A good student will consolidate by making 4 notebooks for grammar, formulae, vocabulary, and important questions.
  • Solve all the different types of DILR sets. Solve at least 10 questions of various varieties of each topic to get familiar with them. Caselets are very important as they are a combination of both DI & LR. For LR, grab topics that interest you the most, finish them up, and sharpen your weak areas. Special focus needs to be given to Critical Reasoning as this topic leads the paper in many MBA entrance exams. Your collective goal till November should be: Verbal- 1000 different words.

                                 QA- 250-300 formulae

                                 LR- solve at least 100 different problems

                                 DI- solve at least 100 charts

  • Whenever you detour from your goals, ask yourself why you started. It is required to put in the extra effort & hard work during weekends. Studying when no one is studying, it will pay off. People generally chill during weekends, but you will work even harder & surge through other people.


The chunk of students who fall under the repeaters category know the paper and accept that CAT is not a difficult paper. It’s because they missed it by not working hard enough or failed to align their resources, or got really stressed that day. For them, pledge not to repeat your mistakes come what may. You have already been called a dropper, no matter the reason behind it. These students will dedicate all their 52 weekends to their preparation. 

‘Life is too short to make your own mistakes. Learn from other people’s mistakes.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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