Blossom Stayz – Providing home like Stays to students and young professionals

Over the years, moving away from one’s hometown in order to pursue education or find employment has become both common and, for the most part, necessary. A better life today demands this. It has become common for most people to dwell in new places and adapt to the new conditions. It is understandable that one must adjust to new climatic circumstances, dietary customs, and a foreign tongue, but it is no longer necessary to endure difficult accommodations. With accommodations that are nothing less than a loving home, Blossom Stayz comes to the aid of all those students and young professionals. The difference between Blossom Stayz and its competitors may be found in the Blossom Stayz’s belief that a homely treatment involves more than simply offering the necessary facilities; it also entails showing compassion and acting like a family to those who have travelled so far.

Blossom Stayz was established in 2017 by entrepreneurs Amit Rohatgi, Arti Rohatgi, and Apoorv Rohatgi with the intention of giving all young professionals and students access to equipped houses so that they feel at home. Blossom Stayz has been committed to innovation from the beginning and has always worked to improve their services by adding new features to the best ones and aiming to make all of their clients happy. Blossom Stayz has successfully serviced more than 1000 clients by offering each of them a tranquil living space that is imbued with a cosy ambiance and all contemporary amenities.

Blossom Stayz’s guiding principle is that they place people and their comfort above money and numbers, and that a sincere and compassionate attitude has helped them succeed and make a name for themselves. They provide their clients lodging in tastefully decorated homes with amenities including housekeeping, access to medical care, Wi-Fi, and all three of the daily meals. Currently, Blossom Stayz operates businesses in places like Saket, Delhi University’s North Campus, Rajouri Garden, and Kamla Nagar in Delhi, as well as in Gurgaon’s sectors 47, 45, 42,43, 52, 57, and 38. Blossom Stayz is currently working to expand their coverage, and many more areas are about to be added to the list in the near future.

Blossom Stayz is not an idea that rose out of the blue, it is the result of the realisation that occurred in the minds of Amit Rohatgi, Arti Rohatgi, and Apoorv Rohatgi. While they were studying in college, they realised that there were no proper accommodations and facilities for students from faraway places. They witnessed the hardships that students endured in the unsanitary and inadequate dorms. At that point, they made the bold decision to defy convention and elevate this particular sector of the economy by building hostels outfitted with all the amenities tenants would need to feel at home. Despite being clear about their vision and mission, establishing a business idea is not a walk on a cake and Apoorv says the tough path has been interesting so far and that they are committed to enhancing their customer experience as they expand. He spoke of the growing difficulties in areas like delivery, customer happiness, and customer assistance.

Blossom Stayz generally takes leases on properties for long periods, such as five years, and transforms them into well furnished homes before renting them to students and young professionals. The transformation includes the addition of furniture and appliances such as televisions and the internet, as well as employing housekeeping staff at the residence. Once the property is equipped with all the necessary features, the team at Blossom Stayz lists that property on the website. A caretaker will be allotted to the house and all the care that is required will be taken by the concerned caretaker.

Blossom Stayz assures that no damage will occur to the leased property and will incur profits for the property owners. All they need to do is lease their home to Blossom Stayz, then kick back and unwind. It is the best way to relax while making money. Blossom Stayz guarantees that the rented property will remain in its current condition and that all modifications will be made by their team solely, without interfering with the owners’ privacy. The best part about Blossom Stayz in this regard is that they uphold the highest level of transparency and regularly inform the owners of the properties of the upgrades and modifications being done.

Blossom Stayz developed into a pioneer in the residential sector and, rather than focusing just on their bottom line, prioritised the comfort of students and young professionals. It is this sincere desire to improve the lives of their clients that has earned them today’s esteem and warm reception.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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