Beat the heat of summer with La Glace’s Taco, Smoke-house, and another crafted ice cream.

When summer arrives every year, new thoughts of a range of yummy ice creams sprout up, and people try to consume a variety of ice creams in this heat, and ice cream literally becomes a vital part of our lives. It’s very lovely to spend precious moments with family and friends at ice cream parlors with a range of exquisite ice creams worth drooling over in this summer heat. With the growing heat of summer in the blink of an eye, people of all ages desire something cool and calming that would cool them down and relax them. In this situation, La Glace becomes the ideal location for you.

La Glace, which is located on the most famous building of Eros Theatre at Churchgate, adjacent to Brabourne Stadium, Wankhede Stadium, and the most important colleges, is the preferred place for gratifying that hunger. Being one of Mumbai’s one-stop locations, it’s as great as the delicious range of ice creams in Taco, smoke-house, and artisan ice cream they have to give to its consumers. When you need to quench that summer heat thirst, this spot is ideal for informal relaxing with friends and family. Who doesn’t love ice cream? The cooling, sweet and creamy frozen treat is one thing no one can ever have enough of. 

La Glace has introduced a range of unique ice cream tacos with unimaginable flavors, and people couldn’t be more excited. Tacos ice cream is a new development in the ice cream flavors and a variety that is trending. The founder Amar Morarji Chheda aimed to bring more versatility to the range they were already offering. This gave them an idea to bring forth an onboard smoke-house together with another crafted ice cream. The customers have embraced all the varieties of ice creams, especially the taco shells made from a waffle cone and topped with nuts to make it look compelling and make you fall in love. If you are still wondering about these mouth-watering tacos ice creams, curl up on the couch with your favourite pieces of ice cream from La Glace. But have you ever imagined how interesting it could be if you get the best of the world’s tacos, smokehouse, and another crafted ice cream at one spot?

Liquid Nitrogen desserts are nothing new, and people are crazy about the bizarre ice creams that let them breathe out smoke through their nostrils. People dig into their favourite smokehouse ice cream from La Glace, which comes in a delectable variety of flavors with a captivating presentation that draws them in. As one of the few ice cream parlors in Mumbai to offer such an experience, La Glace has all tastes covered; the textures are super smooth, mouth melting, and so fresh. Get-A-Whey, a premium ice cream brand noted for its ultra-chill flavors, is also linked with La Glace.

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