Asmita Mohanty – a blend of art and poetry

Poet, writer, author, singer, dancer, painter, entrepreneur, speaker….each word has a unique story to describe Asmita Mohanty. But she describes herself more as an artist first, which she believes is a blend of all of it —says the ambitious lady. ‘However, with art comes various amalgamation of mixed forms of art, and I am grateful that I have the ability to have hands-on few of them, just blessed”, she says. Known for her soulful poetry that every woman can relate to on a personal scale, we find ourselves nodding and lisping at our screens when Asmita Mohanty says,’ Hello listeners, Mai hoon Asmita our Aaj hum sunege the story of us’ in her podcast. Giving each word a magical sense of exhilaration, she has been able to empower, uplift, and let our thoughts and emotions resonate with hers as a creator and a poet.

Asmita Mohanty has co-authored more than ten books, author of a best-selling poetry book, The Endless Moonlight, two award-winning research papers. Now, she also runs a publishing house, The Redpen Publishers, a platform through which she strives to give hassle-free service to amateur writers to get their dream book published. Her upcoming book is a novel named Love Deception Love, which is a romantic yet a story that will show you the path to self-love. Asmita, also known as “Rumi”, was inspired by the Persian poet known for his extremely romantic poetry— her poems also revolve around every aspect of human emotions. In fact, her podcast, ‘the story of us’, is loved by her listeners on Anchor powered by Spotify.

In a talk with the beautiful poet, she said she always has been expressive. That’s how writing brushed her. At a very young age, she started crafting her feelings into words. Born and bought up in Jamshedpur, this young poet says, “I have been those kids in school who has always been a stage performer. I am born with an artist’s heart. I am able to find creativity in my every activity.” Asmita has been awarded in many national and international forums for her hands-on writing, including Hon’ble Governor of Odisha Prof. Ganeshi Lal Ji and former external minister of India late Sushma Swaraj Ji, on platform World organization of students and youth (WOSY) for her research paper on 21st-century women. Asmita has completed her schooling at Kerala Samajam Model School, Jamshedpur, where she fell in love with literature that pushed her more into reading classics, especially Shakespeare’s ‘As You Like It.’

She co-authored an anthology in the year 2018, during her master’s in business administration from Siksha ‘o’ Anusandhan University, Odisha. Currently, not only she is performing and writing, but she is also working for an Edtech company. Asmita says, ‘I would be glad not to define me in one word. I am much more beyond anyone’s word. I love bringing out the creativity in everything I do, and I would continue to learn more things and add “Asmita’s magic touch” to it.’ She has proved her words. She is just more than all this. Asmita is a professional in classical Kathak dance and has also done a diploma in fine arts.

When asked what motivates her to grow? She said, ‘it is essential to have the lows in life as they enable us to see the highs. I have had many rebirths, and I have risen from the roots each time. My family and best friends have been my greatest strength always. I am really close with my parents. I am constantly learning, evolving and growing with time, and learning how to respect opinions, values and ideas around me that are different from mine! That is indeed the most basic form of growth. I strongly believe in manifesting my vision. I work on monthly planners and achieve them every day, and that’s how I am enjoying my little achievements every day—being focused, persistent and constant. And I am really grateful for how life is taking me forward. Sometimes, when you indulge in something wholeheartedly with no expectations of getting anything in return, the results are surprising. I began poetry asking for nothing back, but the love and support I’ve received is so immense, and I am glad to be doing what I am doing. ‘I am so glad I have to use a string of words and explanations about who I am and what I am, and what all I can do. I have had such a whirlwind of a journey, both professionally and personally, and I can’t wait to see what else is in store for me ‘, she added.

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