Akash Bansal Will Definitely Win Your Heart With His Amazing Shayaris! 

Expressing your feelings is quite challenging until you follow Teenywriter. 

In the age of social media, there are a lot of poets who are touching souls all over the world. Some poets knit words so wonderfully that they become a part of our lives. One such 24-year young boy named Akash Bansal, a modern Instagram poet and a published author from the Khandwa district of Madhya Pradesh, has touched the hearts of thousands of people with his words and marked his presence in the nation. 

He penned his first Hindi Shayari when he was just 12 years old. Akash used to write his feelings in his diary and always tried to present them in a poetic form. In 2016, when some of his friends found out about his write-ups, they encouraged him to write more and make them public.

 Although Akash never thought about it in 2018, after dropping out of his Software programming Diploma, he made an Instagram page (@teenywriter) and started posting his work publicly. Because of his use of the simple Hindi poetic language, Akash’s poems connected with the hearts of hundreds of people. In a couple of months, Akash gained a thousand followers on his Instagram Page and got popular among people with his pen name Teenywriter. Although his followers stopped growing after a point of time, he says that it hardly bothers him as he is there only to write. 

Some of his Hindi poems, Haqeeqat, Yaadein, Insaan, Periods, Agar tu na mili, and Kaun hai, are based on real-life situations that we all can relate to and feel deep in our souls. There are many Shayari penned by him, which got viral overnight. One of those masterpieces – ‘Khudki talash naa kare sake, kuch iss tarah sab khoye hai; jo has rahe hai beech sabke, wo chhupkar kahi roye hai,’ has more than 2 lakh views on his Instagram account. Akash actively posts shayaris and poems on his Instagram and has all aspects of life penned beautifully into small pieces, making you fall in love with the power of words all over again. Making him an Instapoet worth a follow. 

Let’s look into the poet’s life because I have gathered a lot of intel on him. 

Programmer turned into Businessman! 

Yes, you read right. As I mentioned above, Akash was doing his software programming diploma in Indore before he dropped out and moved back to his home city- Khandwa, to join his dad in his family’s retail business. 

A reader before a writer! 

Akash said several times that he loves to read self-help books. He started reading books in his college life and never stepped back. When asked about his experience, he said that half of his knowledge comes from books. Being a Hindi poet, falling in love with the self-help genre is odd, but he says that it matches his personality. 

A lovable nature! 

If you follow him on Instagram, you would already know Akash is well known for his sweet and humble nature. People close to him say he treats everyone with respect and carries a contagious happy vibe around him. 

Expedition to become an Author. 

He published his debut book ‘Desires and Destiny‘ an English novel, on December 03, 2019. It’s a short story based on a real-life incident that changed his whole perspective to look at life. He got into the spotlight, received a lot of messages and emails from people, and his followers started to grow. And at the end of the same month, he was awarded and titled ‘Youngest Author & Poet’ by Agrawal Samaj in Khandwa. After that, I received several recognitions and awards for his debut book. 

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/teenywriter/ 

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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