Abhishek Kapoor and Jyoti Matania share valuable insights on the importance of Personal Branding for Creative Minds

“It is important for creative minds to contribute to their audience in positive ways other than just self-expression content,” said engineer turned entrepreneur and international Bestselling Author Abhishek Kapoor to start the exclusive Instagram Live event on Personal Branding.

Digital Golgappa and Jyoti Matania went live on Instagram on Monday, 9th May 2022 at 5pm to share the importance of Personal Branding in the current times. Abhishek Kapoor hosted the interaction using the official account of @digitalgolgappa.

The show focused on how to create better strategies to create one’s own personal brand from the audience’s as well as self’s perspective. The guests included Engineer, Entrepreneur, International Bestselling Author and trendsetter in the marketing and PR industry, AUTHOR ABHISHEK KAPOOR and Author, Debater, Speaker and Entrepreneur JYOTI MATANIA

“Personal Branding has certainly emerged as one of the most trending strategies for creative minds to gain visibility as well as reach people through their trusted face,” explained Author and Marketing Trendsetter Abhishek Kapoor, as he added, “Viral Marketing and Youth Marketing are also the key aspects in a good personal branding strategy.”

“It’s a challenge for newcomers to know that who is genuine and who is fake. When people are absolute freshers in the industry, then there is very less awareness and that can lead to taking wrong steps,” said Jyoti Matania. She also stated that hiring a marketing agency is certainly a good way to help boost the overall publicity of the brand, but not an absolute necessity.

“Influencers are the one who influence people in the real sense of the word. Anyone can copy the idea and content from others, but what’s the unique selling point then?,” said Abhishek. He went on to share a the examples of successful personal branding featuring Yoga Guru and business tycoon Baba Ramdev, and popular author Chetan Bhagat.

“Budget is the crucial factor when it comes to deciding the strategy,” said Jyoti as she went on to share a few facts that need to be shared. “Covid has created many new writers and most of them are students,” she said. She also mentioned how important it is for budding as well as established authors  to promote themselves and their books in a way that does not have a negative impact on the public. Jyoti shared the secret of success for a Creative Mind, that even if the content is not too great but the readers can connect with it in some way, then it’s a job well done and helps in creating a good reach on social media.

“I don’t consider the person who promotes brands on all his/her posts to be an influencer. Why would anyone follow you if you don’t have a unique selling point? Nobody is interested. Unless you provide something valuable and helpful to the people through your content, you are not a good creator,” said Abhishek as he went on to share that awareness campaigns and videos are the need of the hour.

The event, which had Entrepreneur Hunt as Media partner, was a smash hit.

Watch the entire video here:


Know the key people:

Abhishek Kapoor – Engineer, Author, Entrepreneur, Trendsetter in Marketing and PR Industry, Verified Musical Artist, Businessperson 

Abhishek Kapoor aka Author Abhishek Kapoor is an International Bestselling Author, award winning serial entrepreneur, a verified music producer, a filmmaker, trendsetter in the marketing and PR industry and an eminent and zealous business person. He is known for International Bestselling books The Pride of t20 cricket and The Selfish Betrayals. Recently, the global literary sensation and world record holder Ka’Ron Gaines penned a book about Abhishek Kapoor, referring to him as the brother he hasn’t met yet. Another book titled Abhishek Kapoor: The Definition of Honesty has been written about him by Agnibho Mitra. Global companies like Digital Golgappa, The Eagle Eye Network, The Update India, ASK Entertainment, Cherry Book Awards have been founded and are currently headed by him. He has rich corporate experience too with MNCs like Infosys, Nokia Siemens Networks and he is also known for his mentorship roles for startups and budding entrepreneurs. 

Jyoti Matania 

Born and brought up in Odisha, Jyoti Matania has come a long way !! Currently pursuing her bachelors in political science she aims to become a civil servant. Being co-authored in 40+anthologies and in the process of being more, her work”CLIMACTERICS” 

has been honoured by the Indian Book of Records.  In the title “Aaj ki Womaniya “, ‘The real heroes’, ‘Kalinga Kanya Aptly justifies her essence of being the best version of herself. A national debate, fashionista, and yes now a writer..has allowed me to be ME! 

Celebrating yourself the way you are has allowed her to be the voice for the voiceless and carry herself the way she is!! (BTC; be the change award)has recognized this thought of hers and bestows this title to her.

    A Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator and Entrepreneur ……comes next to her while the line that kind of really makes her , compliments her is “Love yourself first and everything else falls into line”. The real difficulty is to overcome how you think about yourself. ” You Yourself, as much as anybody in the universe, deserve your love and affection”.

Moreover honoured with literary felicitations like 

SAHITYAKOSH SAMMAN 2021, TAGORE COMMEMORATIVE HONOUREE 2021 for her anthology  Fierce Fearless’n’Flawed          has allowed

 her to pen her thoughts relentlessly!

     She believes to create her own path

      instead of complaining about the

      circumstances; She creates the new


Being fierce, tough and bold is what has allowed her to stand against all odds of life!!

Work profile-

 The finest perfection of simplicity is what makes her &her work profile more crisp, solid and efficient.

     Being a Writer, Compiler, Author, Debator

      & As an Entrepreneur, she works exactly as it 

       is penned symmetrically in the process 


                   Writing her thoughts

                    Compiling the ideas

                     Authoring it down

          Debating her voice for the voiceless

          Entrepreneurial is to live on her terms…

Work done So far-

    Her projects till date:

 1) Fierce Fearless ‘n’ Flawed

 2)Unseen Blessings ‘Dua’


 4) Climacterics (Indian Book of Records)

5)  Revival ( Bravo book of International World Records)

Debated at State, National, Chancellor Cups & MUNs.

Awards and Recognitions:

1. Sahitya Kosh Sammaan 2021

2. Tagores Commemorative Honouree 2021

3. Honoured with” Be the Change  Award ” by OMG book of records for  her book  Fierce Fearless ‘n’ Flawed

4. Indian Books Of Records Holder for her anthology ” CLIMACTERICS “

5.”The Real Heroes” title by the great podium for her unwavering commitment towards literature.

6.Being featured in national magazine as “Aaj Ki Womaniya”

7. Honoured with the title of “Kalinga Kanya”

8. Honoured by Institute of Company Secretaries Of India as state topper in quiz competition.

9. Honoured with “Writer of the Year Award 2021” by Forever Star book of World Records.

10. National Debator (won the title in 2020)

11. India’s Diva Awardee for being a compiler and writer in the book ‘CLIMACTERICS’

12. Felicitated with the honor of “The Real Super Woman Awards 2021” by Forever Star India Records 

13. Honoured as State NSS 

Debate holder by education minister Odisha.

14. Awarded at ‘Elite Carnival of Book & Literature ‘wid the prestigious ‘Rabindranath Tagore International Prize of Art & Literature’

15. Honoured with ‘Inkzoid& Glorious book of records’ for securing 12 titles in less than a period of 2 months.

16. Nominee as NE8x Litfest 2021 & recognized as literary icon by NE8x for 2021

Upcoming Projects-

Survivors (anthology)& solo book on the way…

Aiming for Asia book of Records!

To sum up ‘SHE’ is a Hustler, Bustler & Knocker.Her energy to do so much more

makes so apt to say that which is also her 

(mantra of jeet) 

“Life’s journey is not to arrive your grave

safely, in a well preserved body, but rather

to skid in sideways totally worn out and say

HolyShit, that’s the ride 

This is how I wanna go,” says Jyoti Matania.

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theroyal_mataniagirl/.

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