Softlink Global Embarks on Global Expansion to Drive Transformation Agenda

All India: Softlink Global, pioneer of SwaS-based (Software With A Service) enterprise logistics technology provider plans to continue expanding its global presence through strategic partnership and new market entry while driving a transformation agenda for the entire company in parallel. In this regard, the company recently has taken a significant step towards strengthening its foothold in South East Asia through a collaboration with e-Konek Filipinas Inc., a renowned service provider specialising in e-Governance in the Philippines. Partnering with e-Konek will improve data transfer and productivity.

Amit Maheshwari, Founder and CEO of Softlink Global Pvt. Ltd., outlined the company’s strategy, stating, “Our aim is to collaborate with global players to furnish essential capabilities that ensure the success of SaaS customers on both a global and local scale. Furthermore, our global collaborations will empower customers in adopting new business processes and technologies while guiding them towards becoming intelligent enterprises.”

Having already established partnerships with numerous companies in various countries, Softlink Global continues to grow its global network. Maheshwari emphasized that SaaS adoption represents a natural progression to support customers on their transformation journeys. “The value and benefits of business and technology adoption align closely with the goals of an intelligent enterprise. Our services empower customers to make impactful changes, enhancing resilience, performance, and sustainability.”

Softlink Global, India’s only SwaS-based enterprise logistics technology provider offers a combined solution of human support with the software. With a SaaS provider you are given software to “set and forget,” we, at Softlink as a SwaS provider offers ongoing support in effectively integrating and utilising the software into your business, added Maheshwari.

With global offices in the US, UAE, Singapore, and in the Philippines Softlink is serving over 4,500 clients in over 45 countries with its flagship software Logi-Sys, powered by IoT, AI, and cloud computing. With an expansive client base and a focus on innovation, Softlink Global is strategically eyeing to expand its customer base in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and the USA.

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