Shuttle sky Lifts & Structures Pvt. Ltd. collaborated with Dominos for a CSR at National Blind School

Businesses are expanding their dimensions to boost the profit graph for their organizations but few impart value to society without any expectations in return. A re-known name of the lift manufacturers in Delhi caught the chance for the same and made their presence worthy at National Blind School.

ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures Pvt. Ltd. did a CSR in collaboration with Dominos at National Blind School on the occasion of baby Vanshika Mann’s birthday. There they provided pizza to the students of the school to create an aura of happiness and humbleness that shows that humanity is still alive.

The birthday became more touchy with the thrive of such special celebrations that happened together in the school and the happiness was visible on the face of little angles of the school. ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures Pvt. Ltd. has a long goal to achieve by serving many whom they come across and that’s the reason they committed a new elevator to the National Blind School building with lifetime free maintenance.

ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures Pvt. Ltd. showed their respect for the collaboration of Dominos to make the step successful. Their kind gesture of special thanks to Mr. Anil, senior vice president, of Dominos India was quite a heart touchy at the moment.

They also appreciated and showed gratitude to Mr. Amit Kumar, Manager of operations, at Dominos India. Even a special thanks went to Mr. Swapan Mandal, who is the president of the National Blind School provided them an opportunity to serve those special kids and add value to society.

ShuttleSky Lifts & Structures Pvt. Ltd. have planned to contribute many more CSR even in the tribal areas of the country in the coming days with all the possible ways they can serve society. They are a well-known name due to their result-driven services to the customers and the values that they keep on adding to society to make it a great place to live. Want to know more about them? You can fetch more details by visiting

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