Ritzzze “You can make a lot of money being a DJ.” 

We did a one on one chat with Kolkata based and super popular Dj & Music Producer.

Q – How is the music and clubbing scene post covid? 

Ritzzze: Well, the scene is fabulous right now. Trust me, there are a number of super cool clubs opening across the country. I’ve been a part of a few of them because I know the owners of so many of these clubs on a personal level. The market is top-notch, and there is plenty of money to be made. You can actually make a lot of money simply being a DJ because the requirements have gone up. The demand is there, and If you provide quality work, you will never be complaining. 

Q – You’re one of the very few DJs from Kolkata who has gone outside the city and performed. Why is that?

Ritzzze: That mainly lies because the idea of marketing and seeing things in Kolkata at a business level is not really there. I find DJs very ambitious here, but they don’t know how to reach out to the audience outside the city. The idea of marketing and branding is a method. You need to keep doing things to make a brand. It’s simply a step by step process. Plus, I think the community here lacks a certain kind of unity which, unfortunately, we are a little further behind than other cities and their local scene. 

Q – What was different back in 2005 when you started? 

Ritzzze: Firstly, there were a handful of DJs. Like maybe ten at most. But now, there are thousands. There are so many because deejaying has become an easier art to learn. There is no degree needed. I was pretty much self-taught, but there are so many schools now, so there are always new DJs being included, and the numbers grow each day. There were fewer clubs back then. Only a few handfuls of them. There was no local guest DJ culture. The resident DJ would never let a local DJ to play in their club. But now there are more local DJs playing at clubs. There is a bigger market now. More clubs to perform in, and at the same time, you can charge a substantial fee. You don’t have to be a resident DJ now to survive. You can simply freelance your way. Plus the, weddings are more glamorous. Weddings have a huge impact on a DJ’s yearly income. So it’s great being a Dj in 2022. 

Q – Has music changed from your time? Are people more open to new sounds? 

Ritzzze: People are far more educated and conducive to new sounds. They’re more open, and they’re more accepting of new sounds. At weddings, they have techno nights now, which was unheard of a decade back. They’re having dedicated hip hop nights, and the whole culture is completely changed. It’s absolutely fabulous to be playing at clubs now. I love how the business has become now. It’s absolutely amazing and so much fun right now. 

Q – How do DJs promote themselves and become famous if they’re from smaller cities? 

Ritzzze: Use the power of social media. Create content. Make reels. Get photoshoots. Make music. Upload them. Distribute your music. Use every single free platform you have. Instagram stories, WhatsApp stories, broadcast your music. and Do whatever it takes to get to your eventual goal. 

Q – We keep talking about DJs who are entrepreneurs. Anyone who you feel has cracked the code? 

Ritzzze: Amongst DJs in India. There is only one man who has so far, and he has done it in style. Has to be DJ CHEATS. He has made this so professional and really raised the standards. He has a proper team, and that’s the way it’s actually done. He gets lotta flak for his antics, but I think he had revolutionized the business in a huge way. I don’t know him personally, but he has my respect. The other person on my list is NUCLEYA, who again took the whole branding game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL. These guys will always be remembered as the pioneer of our business.  

Q – Last words for anyone looking to make money through deejaying and music production? 

Ritzzze: Don’t leave any opportunity, and there is plenty of business for everyone. So stop being selfish and keep doing what you do.

Dr. Sanjay Lunia

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