Jack of all Trades, Master of One – Meet Satyam Suryavanshi a Stocks Trader Analyst

Trading in the stock market for anyone starting out could feel like dipping your toe into the dangerous murky water of an infamously perilous slump. Sure it could feel that way but, it isn’t just a game of luck. You might want to rest your freshly made garland and ringing bell because your prayers have been answered, a specialist on this topic can help guide you on this scary path.

Satyam Suryavanshi based out of Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh has been in the stock market for four years now, observing, studying, and analyzing how the market sways. As a stock trader analyst, he’ll help you learn the lingo of the market and how to predict future losses and gains ethically. Many face challenges at the beginning and to help them ease into Satyam our stock mastermind has said, “Trading needs a lot of preparation to get started: investment not only in money, but also efforts, and time”.

Let’s learn how we can combat this fear and go in steadfast with confident strides into the stock market. Satyam believes in the power of keen observation and simple old research. “Little research never hurt anyone,” says the Trades enthusiast. Carefully study the markets, always keep an eye out for repeating trends and patterns, list out and target a few companies, and analyze the trends of the historical data – the data is always on your side! Then you can go ahead and try to forecast what the future holds.

Being in the stock market for a long term or short term everyone needs to hold the virtue of patience. Intraday traders need it the most, to learn to control their emotions and hold a stock long enough and not falter when it takes a hit. It’s all about patience and the right timing. You need to trust that the market will correct itself, but still know when to cut your losses. Just the sheer fear of succumbing to a loss might cost you a bounty profit if you just trusted in your analysis. Don’t let the market sway you, learn to trust your instinct and stand rigid with your decisions.

To keep swimming in this perilous dark water without a life buoy is the hardest thing to do but eventually, if you keep going with dedicated hours and effort you will float! One shouldn’t let it take a toll on their mental health and needs to be in a stable condition to be able to take a bet on their analysis. However, the most important will always remain this: admitting you were wrong and moving on. It is difficult to see your hard-earned investment sink sometimes but, you need to learn that every day is a new day in the market and will therefore bring with it new opportunities. The risks that you take over the years will all be worth having a keen eye for good stocks.

What are you waiting for? Jump on the bandwagon of investing in your future and learn to do it the right way with Satyam Suryavanshi. You can connect with him here:


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