Introducing FastKhelo: the World’s First Micro-Fantasy App. Fantasy Khelne ka naya Tarika

FastKhelo has launched its Beta version on 15th May 2022

Fast Khelo Technologies Pvt Ltd has launched FastKhelo— The World’s Fist Micro-Fantasy App. Fantasy Khelne ka Naya Tarika 

FastKhelo is the new way to play fantasy sports in bite size contests so that you get instant results and win big cash prizes in 5 minutes!

On FastKhelo players use probability and their skill to analyse and predict the outcome of the next ball, collect points and at the end of the over win big cash.

We have revolutionized fantasy sports in India

Made In India for India

#FastKhelo #FastJeeto

FastKhelo is the Fantasy App for those with need for speed

With FastKhelo Players Now don’t just watch every ball, but play it

How FastKhelo is Different from other Apps

  1. Each contest only lasts an over so that players get instant result.
  • Fast Result: Each contest only lasts an over  so instead of waiting for 4 hours, players now know the result of the contest in 5 minutes
  • New Format: It is a new and exciting format that no one has played before
  • Fast re-buy: Now players can play up to 40 rounds in a match, and also start with a clean state if they lose in the previous round
  • Full Control: Players feel engaged in the match, winning/losing on each ball
  • Play When you Want:  Players can Start and stop playing whenever you feel like, whichever over they watch they can play

Points and Scoring

The World’s First Micro Fantasy Game needed a totally new scoring system


Our team of Math PHDs analyzed ball by ball and over by over data of All IPL matches played since the beginning to IPL 2021.

After analyzing them we calculated the probability of each outcome in each over and removed some outliers to smoothen the data and finalized our Points System.

The points change after each over and they depend on the calculated probability of each outcome in each over.

Simple rule to remember—

Higher the points the less likely the outcome

Lower the points the more likely the outcome

One Example to illustrate the Points system

In the 1st Over of the 1st Innings, the batsmen are trying to understand the pitch and therefore play caustically, rarely hitting 6s—Therefore players get 500 points for it.

In the 20th Over of the 1st Innings, the batsmen are all swinging for the fences and therefore hitting many 6s—Now players only get 90 points for the predicting correctly.

Founder Statement

Devansh Mittal, Founder of FastKhelo states, “We are very excited to introduce the concept of Micro Fantasy to the world. FastKhelo fits perfectly with our generation’s shorter attention spans and need for Instant Gratification. It is completely different than anything that is available in the market

FastKhelo is a category disrupting real-time micro fantasy game that will revolutionize the way India plays fantasy sports. We have built a game that allows Indians to tap into their existing habit of predicting the outcome of the next cricket ball to participate in bite-sized fantasy contests lasting 5 minutes (vs. duration of a match). 

With our proprietary algorithm and user-friendly UI/UX, we enable users to test their knowledge against not only their friends but also against millions of other players simultaneously. Players win not just bragging rights but also big real money prizes.

Indian Fantasy Players are seeking new formats, and FastKhelo solves consumer pain points. FastKhelo is to existing fantasy apps what Instagram/TikTok is to Facebook.”

According to credible sources, FastKhelo has affiliated them-selves to a well-known Fantasy Gaming Market expert, who have also partnered with popular entity in Fantasy Gaming like FIFS. FastKhelo has officially partnered with Albatross Media for a complete 360 degrees Online Fantasy Sports Marketing Campaign. Albatross Media will handle their entire marketing process, including the creation of unique strategies on various platforms, and a hundred percent coverage of the market. Their website and social media content will also be managed by them, with each article, post and blog filled with credible information on sports. Albatross Media has also helped several other successful online gaming platforms to find a secure place in the market.

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