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Entrepreneurship is one of the bravest and most satisfying professions on the planet. Most people think of or dream of becoming an entrepreneur. But only the unique ones end up being an entrepreneur. What is unique about becoming an entrepreneur? I believe it is the four words – Conviction, Courage, Commitment and Consistency. 

It all begins with a thought, an Idea. Fortunately, we all get thoughts and ideas… almost to the tune of six thousand thoughts a day. Most people get thoughts of abundance, wealth, own business, great life, social status etc. Most people think of quitting a job and starting a business. Most people think of starting something post retirement. But those who get started are a different breed. Those who start are those with a strong conviction and courage. 

Conviction that you have much higher potential to contribute through the power of your idea and the Courage to quit what they are doing today. Courage to venture out, Courage to embark upon a journey into the unknown, Courage to quit the comfort zone of a stable job. Courage to think about adding value to other’s lives including that of the customers, employees and society at large. It really takes courage and what is unique about an entrepreneur is the courage to break the status quo. 

Once you get started, half the battle is won, now the second challenge is to keep going. Think of Running a Marathon. If someone is running a half marathon for the first time, there is a constant battle in the mind. One set of forces constantly keep telling you that your legs will pain, you will become breathless, you may faint etc. etc. while there is only one thing that keeps you going and makes you reach the destination is your “Commitment”. If your commitment is strong, all the obstructing forces surrenders to you and the path really starts becoming joyful as you move forward. What is unique about successful entrepreneurs is also that, despite all the temporary challenges and hurdles that come on the way, you keep pushing yourself. There comes a point where you will see that everything and everyone around you start working in your favour. You start seeing a magical force and suddenly entire ecosystem starts working for you. All this happens, when you successfully pass the nature’s test of your commitment. 

The next most critical part is an entrepreneur’s journey is the “Consistency”. Consistency of your purpose, Consistency of your ethical conduct, consistency of your willingness to improve in every aspect of the game. Everything you do, keep thinking how this can be done better, faster, cheaper and more efficiently. 

Even writing a book is not less than building a business. It takes Courage, Commitment and Consistency. It is “Tapasya”. Nikhil Kothari, in his book “Be Unique Be Entrepreneur – Turing that brilliant business ideas into realties” have done a wonderful job with a great intention to add value to so many aspiring entrepreneurs by giving them direction and answers to so many questions they had. It’s a great service to the nation and great contribution to the entrepreneurship eco system. 

This book will hold your hand at each phase of your business, from idea validation to launch, and will assist you in turning your brilliant business idea into reality.  While the book is geared towards new entrepreneurs, it can also be used to take an established business to new heights.

The book precisely covers most the topics which we in general ignore at early stage and suffer later. Few things to sum up about the coverage of the book can be identifying the business potentiality of the foresighted oppourtunity, Choosing the ideal co-founder who can fill the gaps of existing founder, legally setting up the business on papers, creating and retaining a parallel line of powerfull team, modes and ways of raising funds, assistances available from Government under various schemes, choosing a apprpriate business location, cash flow management, use of technology into the busness and finally to launching the business. Hence we can see that the book has covered the entire journey of turing a business idea into a reality is covered.

My best wishes and sincere prayers that this work should become first choice of all aspiring entrepreneurs. The authour of the book can be reached at

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